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Friday, July 10, 2015

Luxury Bath and Spa Pillow

Everyone needs some time of their own. To just do whatever they want. I spend my time relaxing. No matter where it is, I always try to relax and relieve stress. The bath tub is one way that I found that helps me relax. I throw in some essential oils and/or some bubble bath and soak for awhile. But something seemed to be missing. I just couldn't find a comfortable place in the tub no matter how I tried.

Once this pillow came, though, I was feeling much better and much more comfortable. It is made of good material that can obviously get wet. The head rest part of it, moves back and forth so you can put your head back in a way to make it so your head and neck are comfortable. On the back of this pillow, are a large amount of suction cups.

To put the pillow on your bath, just get the suction cups wet and stick them to the tub. After the first time I stuck it on the bath, I have never had to do it again. It is still stuck there. To get it off, I assume you just lift the cups one at a time until it comes off. If you pull, the suction cups might come off and stay on the bath while the pillow is in your hands.

My husband got a hold of this pillow before I could try it out or take the pictures. Which is why you see it is dirty in the pictures. I have tried everything but I can't seem to get it cleaned up. It says it cleans up easily though and it may for normal dirt. My husband works with chemicals and lots of other things as he works for a plating company. I will take some alcohol to it and see if that makes it look brand new again.

This has to be the first thing that my husband and I agree on, when it comes to bathroom stuff. We absolutely love this pillow! We don't take baths without it now. Our backs and neck are very well supported now and I don't feel like my spine is up against the back of the tub. It makes the baths so much more relaxing. If only I can find a pillow for the bottom of the tub, we would be in business!!!

If this sounds like something that you might enjoy, then head on over and check out the product page on Amazon, by clicking here. From there you can find out more about this bath and spa pillow, see what other people are saying about it, and you can buy one for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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