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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dr. Frederick's Bunion Pad and Spacer Kit

When it comes to feet, I have to say that I don't have too many nice things to say. Feet seriously freak me out...even my own sometimes. My mom has major problems with her feet. Her toes all seem to point the wrong way. Her bunions are seriously  crazy. I have one foot that is that way but not nearly as bad. I knew her and I could improve our feet with some bunion help.

I have heard of different things for years that would supposedly help with this problem, I just never had the money or the drive to pay for them, These to me are perfect because I get to review them in this manner, I don't feel like I have lost anything from trying them.

Silicone, as many people know, is my favorite thing to use in the kitchen. It bends and moves well and is very easy to clean. So I was very happy to see that these are made of a silicone material. I was so convinced they would be some sort of hard plastic. I was sure that they would be uncomfortable looking and feel even worse.

I have to say that, that is not the case in this situation. These silicone pieces are very well made and they feel incredible in between my toes. Whether my shoes are on or off, they never seem to bother me and I can almost forget that they were there, if they weren't basically pulling my toes apart.

After wearing them for a few weeks, I have noticed that it is much more comfortable to stay in my shoes for longer periods. My feet even appear to be slightly straightening themselves out. I didn't expect this product to work at all, so these results have me nicely surprised.

I will continue to wear these and use them. There are multiple shapes that can be used for different purposes. Some are comfortable to me and others I have never worn longer then just the pictures I took for this blog. The four different types included in this kit, standard spacer, standard shield spacer, sport spacer and sport shield spacer.

The sport spacer is the one I use most often. It is the most comfortable to me, with and without my shoes and socks on. It never interferes with my shoes and socks in anyway like the ones with the shields did. The shield ones, also, to me made my shoes way too tight on my feet. I am having some results with this one. I will update later on how my mom does with the one she chooses!

If you have a bunion problem, then this set is probably the best feeling set you are going to find! Head on over to Amazon and check them out by clicking here. From there you can find out more about this Bunion Pad and Spacer Kit, you can find out what others think about it and what they are saying, and you can buy a kit for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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