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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

Bikes are a good way to get yourself around for free. It will also give you a good workout at the same time. Just like vehicles, you have to take care of your bike so that it keeps taking care of you. Always make sure you everything oiled and greased and ready to go. If your chain breaks down then your whole bike is worthless until you get another one.

This bike chain cleaner is simply made but well made. The design is so simple that you would think  would have heard of these before. At the same time it is also a complicated design that I wouldn't want to put together on the inside. It's kind of like a mullet, simple on the outside and complicated on the inside.

Looking at the cleaner, you see a nice blue colored product. There are two pieces to it right out of the box so it is very simple to put together. Simply push back and pull up on the top of the blue piece to see the inside. There are a bunch of gears with brushes and a spot in the bottom to put in oil or degreaser. The 2nd piece is the handle of the product that you hold when it is in use. There are no instructions inside though, so I had to go to youtube to even figure out what I was suppose to do.

I grabbed the degreaser and put some into the bottom of the product. Then before I closed it up, I put it around the bike chain then placed the top on. it stayed in place and the chain was enclosed inside. Next I just pumped the pedals so the chain would go around. I could see the brushes moving inside as the chain went by. I did this until the chain looked clean enough. I then took it off of the chain by opening it up.

The water was so nasty. I didn't think this one chain was dirty, but I was wrong! It was amazing how much dirt this simple thing cleaned off of my chain. It really looked like it did the day we brought the bike home. I never thought it would look brand new again. I was very happy with the results so I did all the chains we own.

The fact that you can clean your chain while it is still on your bike is awesome. It saves so much time, instead of taking it all the way off, you do it with it right there on the bike. I love that idea and its something my kids can all do for their own bikes whenever they want. Less for mommy to do makes a happy mommy!

This product is awesome and something you never knew you needed. You need to check it out on Amazon. You can find the product page here. From there you can find out more about this product, see what others are saying about it, and buy one for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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