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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunsella Buddy Boxes

When it comes to lunches for my kids and husband, I am always looking for a way to pack everything that keeps it all how it should be. Ziplock baggies are ok but not great and they cost a lot because they always get thrown away so I have to buy more. Individual tupperware boxes are way too big for normal lunches boxes and sandwich boxes make it so you can't pack as much. My kids and husband wanted more then what I could give. I needed something I could use for everything but that wouldn't take up all the space in the lunch box.

Sunsella Buddy Boxes, are like tupperware but better. They come with some awesome colored lids. The lids work well and haven't morphed on me yet after repeated uses and after having been in the microwave a few times. Kids don't listen so I am glad they are just fine! They won't go back in the microwave (the lids that is) as long as I can help it.

The pockets on these buddy boxes are deeper then the ones I am use to, which is great. They come with 3 different "compartments" a large one for a sandwich and two little ones for other stuff. The size is perfect as they are right now, I just wish the two extra compartments were a bit bigger. Once you start putting food in them, they do start to seem bigger! They are made well. The plastic is a lot thicker on these buddy boxes then the other storage containers or tupperware that I have seen.

My family and I love these Buddy Boxes! They can all get them opened and closed on their own. Even though they come off easily, they are still tight on the top and won't fall off. They all chose one color and it's the one they take care of pack up themselves. Now there is no more fighting over lunches or lunch boxes, which makes me really happy!

When it comes to the clean up, these babies are pretty easy! Even after the kids have been at school all day, the stuff rinses right out of there. Of course I am not putting stuff in them that will dry to them...usually! The next time we go on a road trip or a family vacation, these will really come in handy. Especially when they have to eat in the vehicle while it's moving. I am hoping we have no more food spills in the car! Now if only I can figure out something for those pesky drinks!

These Buddy Boxes are great. We love them and the kids use them for more then just food. I think everyone needs a set of these. If you need something like this, then these are something you need to check out! Head on over to Amazon by clicking here. From there you can find out more about these Buddy Boxes, see what other people think and what they are saying about them, and buy a set for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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