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Monday, June 1, 2015

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set

Since I was young I have done art and been associated with people who do art. To me there are many ways to show off art. The most notorious being painting, drawing or writing, but what about a make up artist? Are they not doing art? A few weeks ago some pictures came across Facebook. The pictures were of little girls and their faces were are all zombified. It was some beautiful live art, but I seemed to be the only one who thought that way. Why is that people feel they can't express themselves for fear of other people putting down their work? I think anyone brave enough to pick up a brush, pencil, microphone etc is an artist. If you like what you are doing go ahead and do it!

I got to review this amazing set of brushes. They look to be a more advanced set, but I think a younger or less advanced painter could use them just as well. There are many different brush sizes included in this set. They include 12 inch handles. Which in theory should keep your hands clean, but a good painter always gets paint somewhere. EDIT: The case also opens up and there is a piece inside that makes the brushes stand up. I didn't realize this until the company messaged me to let me know, hence the pictures still have things behind to hold them up. This makes them so much cooler then I already thought they were!-- The access to the brushes is a lot better doing it this way. As long as the brushes stay where they are suppose to be. I have a friend who paints for a living, and every time we are over there, he is always searching for a brush to paint with.

Personally, I am only a painter every now and then, so I tried out a few of the brushes, but my painter friend used most of them. Since he paints for a living as I said earlier, he has used LOTS of brushes since we were in middle school. He was impressed by these brushes. The fine synthetic hairs, didn't fall off in anyway in the painting he was doing or when we tried to get them to fall off. The hairs are definitely made of some good quality material as the whole brushes are. Plus you can use these rushes with a variety of paint as well. Most painters I know, only use one type of paint, but if you are someone who uses different types of media in your art, then these will definitely work for you!

Everything from the case to the hairs is spot on with these brushes. Santa Fe definitely got it right with this product. I have to say that these are the best brushes I have ever used. Most brushes fall apart within weeks, these are still going strong and pretty much look brand new. They also clean up well and the handles are still a solid color. Usually they would have wear and tear by now. I can not wait to see how long these brushes will last. I am in love.

Do you have a painter in your life or are you a painter? Then this set is definitely the one you need to check out! If so, then head on over to the product page on Amazon by clicking here. From there you can find out more about this set, see what other people are saying about this set, and you can buy a set for yourself or someone you love!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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