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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maximum Muscular Protein Shaker Bottle

I have been chasing the secret to weight loss and I haven't caught it yet. don't get me wrong, I know nothing can replace purely working out and eating right. The problem is, I have health problems and am stuck inside a large portion of the time. I have adapted, I walk at least 3000 steps inside my apartment at a set time.

My apartment goes in a circle so this works for me. I also have a punching bag and multiple videos I do. thats a different topic all together. We eat what we can get from the food bank, so you know its probably not the best stuff. I barely like veggies, we never get fruit, and bread and milk are not part of the food bank. I heard about protein shakes awhile back and I thought they might work for me. I have had a few that weren't too bad so I figured I would try them with this shaker bottle.

Most shaker bottles are one piece and way too big for the amount of protein shake you are going to make in there. This bottle though, comes apart in many different pieces. I am not for sure on what exactly each piece should do but I know what I use them for and it gets the job done. First off I want to start out by saying, this bottle is pretty cool and it is well made. It will only break if you are trying to break it and who wants to do that?

The first or top part of the shaker bottle that comes apart is the container itself with the lid. I like this lid because it comes off easily. With arthritis I know that how hard it is to open some of these shaker bottles or any bottle for that matter. But this lid just comes up with ease, although it is secure when latched down. It is also a nice neon green color almost which I am in love with! The size is still a bit too big for my protein shakes, but it is quite a bit smaller then the other ones I have seen so it works well!

The second part that comes off is just a part. Sometimes if I don't feel like drinking from the top, I put the shake in it and use it as a cup. Other then that I am assuming it is just there for storage. It also comes in the green just like the lid to the cup does. It looks really cool when it is part of the cup and almost looks like a thermos lid. Of course it has a bottom to keep anything from getting into the bottom compartment.

The last piece comes with another thermos style lid (not sure what it is really called) and it even comes with a divider. The divider comes out so it can be washed well, so it doesn't do much dividing, but it still looks cool! If I am heading out of the house and want a protein shake, I simply put the powder in this area and even my vitamins sometimes and when I am ready to drink, I grab a water and mix it all up. Super easy.

This protein shaker cup is the nicest and neatest one I have ever seen. I like the fact that the cup is a whole lot smaller, there is storage, and that it comes apart so easily. I have been drinking my shakes out of this every day. I use to forget, but now I leave this thing on the counter before I go to bed and I am ready for a shake when I wake up. No more forgetting. Plus I love taking this thing out with me, I have gotten so many questions about it and where I got it. People love these!

If you are in need of a protein shaker bottle, then this might be the one for you! Head on over to Amazon and check it out by clicking here. From there you can find out more about the product, see what others think and are saying about it, and buy one for yourself! They come in 3 other colors as well, so everyone can get their favorite.

Head on over to my blog page on Facebook for a giveaway and you can win your very own protein shaker cup. As always, the giveaway is run by the company, I am only running it, it is their job to send you the product. Good luck all!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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