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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Doll Clothes Kit--Fabric Paint and Hoodie

When you have dolls, one thing that you love, is the fact that you can dress up your dolls in all sorts of fun ways. You can dress them like you or in a way that you would never dress. I remember growing up, I dressed my dolls up in all the dresses and cute clothes that I would never wear. It was so much fun! I never got to paint up their clothes though, I wish I could have!

This set is really cool and so much fun. It comes with 3 different paints. Orange, pink, and green and a yellow hoodie. The hoodie is so nice, it zips up and everything. The hood is extra big and the whole thing fits on dolls up to 18 inches. I have to say that the dolls look extra cute with this hoodie on them!

My step daughter really loves dolls. Her mom listens to ICP and has her listening to it as well.  While I enjoy ICP I don't agree with a child listening to the music, but I knew that what I painted for her would be something she had to love. I chose to do something a bit difficult, a hatchet girl for her. Not sure how to explain it, but if you are a fan of ICP you will get it.

When you first use these paints, make sure that you use them on a piece of paper or something else, so you can get the hang of using them. That way when you go to paint the hoodie, you will be great at it and your hoodie will come out looking amazing. There is no limit to the things you can paint on your hoodie either.

After painting the hatchet girl onto the fabric, I sat it in front of the a.c and left it for about a day. By the time I checked it again, it was dry and ready to be used and played with. I also have to say that I made sure to put cardboard under it, it stuck to the cardboard so I had to sort of peel it off. So always make sure that you have something under neath so nothing gets ruined.

This is a great project for you or for your child, just make sure to supervise them so you don't walk in on a mess later on. I absolutely love it and the hoodie is great. My step daughter fell in love with it as well and put it right on her doll when I gave it to her. I had fun making it and she is having fun playing with it on her dolls!

You need to check this out if you have kids or if you have dolls yourself. Head on over to Amazon by clicking here. From there, you can find out more about this kit, find out what others are saying about it, and buy a kit for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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