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Friday, May 29, 2015

Velocity Punching Bag

I hate exercising. It is just so boring doing the same thing day after day. I seriously needed something to help me out and motivate me to get fit. Since I have a bunch of health problems, the easiest things are sometimes the hardest for me to do, but I knew I could still throw a punch and some kicks every now and then, so I thought the Velocity Punching bag would be my ticket to a skinnier me.

When I got word that I was going to get to review this product, I was happy, like I said. It claimed to have a decent pump and a photo pouch. I was really excited about the pouch because I would love to put pics in there of fat me or people I just plain don't care for. I figured if anything was going to motivate me to punch this bag, that would be it.

I guess I will start out with what I didn't like about this product since it out weighs what I do. From looking at the Amazon page, it seems like it is a kids toy, but when it comes, the box shows a grown woman who looks to be working out with the product. I know that anyone can use this punching bag, I just feel the two pictures were very different. The first thing I found out, is that the foot pump is junk. Just pure junk. It is made of flimsy materials..even though the over all idea of the pump is made in good intentions, this pump is crap. The hoses that go into the bag from the pump do not fit which makes it impossible to use the pump with your foot as it should be used, because you have to hold the hose into the bag.

There are no instructions with this product. It seems like it would be common sense, but there are a few things that would be nice to know. We filled our bottom up with water, but I know some people fill it with sand. (Like I said it never said either way.) It wasn't known how much water to put in so we had to guess. The top can't be pumped up when you are filling the bottom, so if you don't get it right the first time, it may really frustrate you. Also the hole to fill the water is basically on the bottom of the bag, kind of to the side where it can stick out. Be careful with this valve and the other one. My husband walked by and brushed against the bag and water went everywhere!

While I was excited at first to get this and start punching it, the excitement faded about 30 minutes into trying to pump it up with the bs pump. I finally gave up and then my husband tried for about thirty minutes before he just put it into his mouth and blew it up like a pool toy. Which took him maybe 2 minutes to get it from half full to all the way. The first time we used it, we got pretty much the right amount of water in it and it stood well, after the flood, we didn't get as much water in there, so it takes forever to bounce back up.

The last thing I noticed about this punching bag, was the fact that there was no photo pouch as advertised. (This makes me think back to the whole picture situation that I mentioned earlier.) I mean they literally claim in the title on their Amazon product page, that this thing will have a photo pouch. I took the time to look through other reviews and I did find a few others that claimed this as well.

Now on to the pro's of this product. It seems to be made out of decent materials. Thick but not too thick. Seems to be just enough to punch it and not have it break at the seams. But if it does happen to get a hole in it, they do send patches and such for you to use to repair your punching bag. They also include a picture of what not to do with the bag, like stab it and jump on it. That will at least save their butts if someone does anything stupid with it and gets hurt.

Another good thing about this product is the fact that it gets me moving. Literally every time I walk past this thing, I have to stop and punch it and kick it a bunch of times. All day long I punch this punching bag. My husband and kids even get in on the action and they punch it as well when they walk by it. It's a great addition to my exercise routine that I had been slacking on. This was the punch to the butt I needed to get back into my routine and start losing the weight.

You can carry this bag from room to room with ease. With the water in the bottom of it is not very heavy. Not sure how it would be with sand but I am sure it would probably weigh more and be a bit harder to move around. I think I have had this in every room of my apartment. Some days I just want to work out in a different spot. New spot means new motivation for me.

Even with all the cons, there are a lot of pros to this product as stated above. I think for me, as long as I keep the bag blown up and water in the bottom, I will love it. It's when I have to go through all of the trouble of blowing it up and making it stand that it puts a bad taste into my mouth. I am not sure if my bag was just the ugly step child and didn't want to cooperate or what it is but I hated it at first. Since I have been using it though, it has grown on me and I have grown to love it. I just wish it came with the photo pouch like it said it would and that it had a decent pump.

If you have weighed out my pros and cons and want to see this product on Amazon, then head on over here. From there you can find out more about the product, see what other reviewers are saying and what they think about this punching bag, and you can buy one for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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