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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rock the Cradle: A lullaby tribute to Billy Idol

Most mom's have sang at least one lullaby to their kid/s. Sometimes it is a last resort in trying to get their baby to sleep. I know I have gone there a few times myself! I am sure my mother did and her mother as well. Usually it's the same old lullaby...Rock a bye baby. Ever wanted something cool for you and soothing for baby? Jammy Jams might have a solution for you!

Jammy Jams has made an awesome album of lullabies, and they are a tribute to Billy Idol!! I have been in love with Billy Idol for as long as I can remember and I am a huge fan of his music as well. All his songs are so much fun to sing and dance to. When you are trying to rock and move to put baby to sleep, you need something with good rhythm. Plus, these versions are just so much fun. A few of them don't really sound like they are suppose to but they are still pretty awesome!

Rock the Cradle: A lullaby tribute to Billy Idol playlist--

1.White Wedding
2. Rebel Yell
3. Can't Break Me Down
4. To Be A Lover
5. Hot In The City
6. Flesh For Fantasy
7. Dancing With Myself
8. Cradle of Love
9. Eyes Without a Face
10. Catch My Fall

Listen to the album:

Their description of the album:

In the midnight hour you want more, more, more....sleep!Jammy Jams is here for you and your little one. It's time to rock the cradle and ease your baby to sleep with these instrumental lullaby renditions of your favorite Billy Idol tunes. Jammy Jams takes these rock classics and makes them soothing and relaxing to send your little rock star to a cozy slumber while keeping you singing to yourself. You never thought you would hear Idol classics like Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Dancing With Myself, and Eyes Without A Face, like this. Are you ready to rock the cradle?

I have to say I really love this album! The songs really are soothing and like I said earlier so much fun. Baby drifted off to sleep in no time and I didn't realize it but I sat there and listened to the whole album. You could use this anytime even if it isn't nap time or bed time, but if you are going to use this and associate it with bed, I would have to say, you should probably just use it at bedtime. 

Jammy Jams is such a fun company! If you want to check out more from them, check them out on their website, You can also check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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