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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Curve Headphones---Sentey

It's amazing how things can evolve and change. Take cell phones for example, they use to be gigantic, then everyone wanted a smaller more compact phone, now everyone wants a gigantic phone again. Head phones are no different. They went from huge to small and now back to huge again. Dr Dre had a hand in this, with his Beats. Is bigger better?

My first impression of these head phones, is they are your typical headphones with a tiny difference, the weird way it is all connected. The part that goes on your ears is a lot smaller then I am use to as well. So I wasn't sure just how well they would work to block out any outside noise. Even though they look weird, they are all put together well and made well.

I love the fact that you can answer phone calls with these. Haven't done it and probably never will, but I enjoy the fact that I can. These are actually pretty nice in the way of sound. They aren't really blow your ears out loud or anything close to that, but they are decent. I haven't had much trouble with them at all and not many complaints either.

You can check them out on the website by clicking here, or on Amazon by clicking here.

I received this product from Sentey in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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