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Monday, May 18, 2015

Beer Poster--Pop Chart Labs

There are so many different types of things out there. Posters are one of those things, Some posters are motivational, some are for a favorite band or actor, and some are educational. Every poster is unique especially the educational ones. Pop Chart Labs put a neat twist on posters with the variety that they sell.

I really loved a few of the posters I saw on the Pop chart Labs website. Sadly none of those were ones that they were offering to give away for me to review. The one I really fell in love with, was a poster that showed all the different video game controllers through the years. I may have to get it, if I can scrounge up the money!

The poster I ended up picking, is a beer variety poster. It shows not only many different types of beer, it also puts them in categories of ale, wheat etc. Basically it is just like the circle graphs we had to do in school. I knew there were a lot of different varieties of beer, but I didn't know there were quite this many, granted, this is no where near the amount of beer varieties that are out, just the basic.

The poster itself is made on heavy duty stock paper and doesn't seem like it would tear without someone actually ripping it. The colors are kind of boring and could use a splash of color. but it is a really nice poster and you will be proud to hang this in your home!

You can find this poster on the Pop chart Labs website and on Amazon by clicking here. From those sites, you can find out more about this poster and others, see what other people are saying about these posters, and buy some for yourself!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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