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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Adult Cowboy Set

When I was a kid, I had so much fun playing dress up and being someone other then myself. Sometimes I still like to be someone other then myself, but I don't need to dress up for that to happen! I know a lot of people use to role play too, some still do...which I will not get into here. lol My husband use to play cowboys and Indians and it seems like he really enjoyed it.

With this Cowboy set, he can play cowboys and Indians again! This set is made very well. Lots of massed produced items are made with cheaper quality materials, but these seem to be made out of pretty good materials. The stitching and materials are all put together very well, I have yet to find a flaw in my set!

Not only do they sell the set that I got,they also sell them in multiple other colors. With 36 options, how can you go wrong? There is a hat and bandanna set for everyone you know! Head out in group costumes even!!

The hat is big enough to fit not only my head but my husband's as well. I even got him to model it for me. I think I might try and get him to dress up as Cowboy for Halloween and I will be either a cowgirl or an Indian. This should bring some fun back into our relationship, and possibly our bedroom as well.

Do you want to play dress up or get items for a nice quality Halloween item? Then this set might be just what you are looking for. Simply head on over to Amazon and check it out by clicking here. From there, you can sell all 36 combinations that they sell, see what other people are saying about this adult cowboy set, and buy a set for yourself!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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