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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Essential Oils--Insta Natural

Sometimes you just need some amazing smells in your life. There are too many things around us that smell horrible. Between trash bags, shoes, and baskets of laundry, life can be pretty stinky. Essential oils, can be used for so many things around the house, and can leave it smelling good. I know I am always looking for ways to keep my house smelling good. It's a big turn off to go into someone's home and have foul odors hanging around.

I must admit that I wasn't sure exactly what to do with these bottles of essential oils. I took to Google, to try and find out what I was doing. First off, I looked over the bottles when they came. I suppose to should let you know that I was suppose to review 3 bottles of essential oils, but they were out of one and just sent the other two. I ended up with 2 bottles of essential oils, peppermint and lavender. I liked how big the bottles are. There is a lot of oils in these bottles and they were packaged well enough, they weren't broken and didn't leak. They had nice bright colors and the writing on them was big enough for most people to read.

Now back to my Google search, I found a lot of uses for these oils. I picked the one that I would use most often, which was in my bath. Basically I pick an oil, run the water and put some of the oil into my hand and then under the running water. It took me many tries to figure out how much to use. Sometimes there wasn't enough so I couldn't even smell it and other times, it stunk me out of the bathroom and I couldn't even take my bath. Honestly, I could smell the oils through the bottles, so the whole bathroom was always smelling in some way. Once I got it right, my baths have been so nice and relaxing. I love them now. I even feel more energized.

The lavender oils, are probably my favorite, they smelled like lavender the whole time I was bathing and stayed around for awhile. It made me feel more energized and more relaxed during my bath and I was able to get the right amount of it,a  lot faster then I was the peppermint. I tend to reach for that one more then the peppermint when I am taking my bath. The peppermint isn't bad though. It does the job just as well. The smell seems to fade faster then the lavender. I didn't get as energized and I actually started to feel hungry when using it. If you are on a diet, you may want to go for the lavender. I know it made me eat more because of the smell.

You can head on over and check them out on the Insta Natural website. You can also find these oils on Amazon as well. I love these oils and I think you might as well!

I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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