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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Camo ring--Surefire Designs

I love buying rings for my husband. It is so much fun to see his face brighten, when he pulls a cool ring from the box. I have given him so many rings though, that I was ready for something new. I thought about who I could give this ring to, to review this for me. My friend's face popped up into my head. She is getting married in August, I am her maid of honor, and I know they are suffering to pay for things. I also knew that she didn't have a ring to give him. So I decided to give her this ring to give to him.

If it was just me, I could have had this review done weeks ago, but I had to wait until she gave him the ring and then I could start taking pictures of it. I will start this review with my thoughts on the ring. When it came in the mail, I hoped that it would be a decent ring before I would let myself open the package. When I opened the package, I was blown away, just seeing the ring through the packaging. I could tell that it was a well made ring and not a quarter machine or cracker jack box ring.

When I took it out, I almost expected it to have rough edges, but it is such a smooth ring all the way around. The camo on it was done beautifully, which great attention to the details in it. I love the way that it is set up. It is unlike any ring I have seen before..which is a good thing. I even wore the ring around on my thumb for a few days, just to make sure it wouldn't turn his finger green. I didn't experience anything like that. I had a really good time wearing this ring around and reviewing it, but I knew where it needed to go.

My friend was really excited about this ring as well, she didn't think that it would be a very good one though, since the price is low and the fact that I got it free to review. But when she saw it, her eyes lit up as well. We talked for a little bit and then she took off with the ring to give it to her man. A little bit later I got pictures of him wearing the ring and she was telling me that he really liked it. Before this I never saw him wear any rings and now he is wearing this one with pride.

This ring is amazing. You won't find anything else at this price point, that is as well made and as good looking as this ring. They sure got it right with this one! If you want to check out this listing on Amazon, you can do so by clicking here.  From there you can find out more about the ring, see what others are saying about it, and buy one for yourself!! You can also head on over to their web site and see the ring and the other rings they have for sale. You will fall in love with these rings!!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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