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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Age Defense Neck Cream

It's hard to get older. Not just for women but for men as well. Our bodies start a transformation, that is not for the better. Things start to stretch, sag, and wrinkle. Leaving many to wonder if there is anything to help them. While there is no quick or total fix, Body Merry is up for the challenge and they are here to help you out!

This age defense neck cream by Body Merry, is used for both firming and tightening. By providing the skin on and around the neck with vitamins, it in turn will tighten up. It is made up of organic and natural ingredients, so there are no harsh chemicals that will break you out or cause other problems. Another great thing about Body Merry products in general, is the fact that they are not tested on animals!!

Simply wash and dry your neck and the areas around it. Put some of the cream onto your neck and rub it in. After that you are good to go. I usually do this once a day, right before bed. It dries quickly, so I don't have to worry about messing up my pillow or blankets. I haven't had it dry me out or cause me to break out. The smell isn't too bad, and it goes away quickly. So even if you don't like the smell, but want to use the product, you won't have to smell it long.

I love the containers that all the Body Merry products come in. The tops make it easy for me to get the product out even with the arthritis that I suffer from. Plus the containers fit well in my hands, they aren't too big or too small which I love! Since I have only been using this product for a little while, I can't say what it does for the neck. I have noticed that I have a bit of a glow now but as for firming or tightening, I can't say much. I will come back and update this review, once the entire container is gone.

You can find this product on Amazon by clicking here. From there, you can find out more about this product, see what other people are saying about it, and buy some for yourself!!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion/review/feedback.

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