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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Water Away- Natural Diuretic Water Pills

I think at this point, I am willing to try anything to lose this weight. My stomach somedays is bloated out or my stomach lining is inflammed and I appear pregnant. I am so tired of having way too much water inside of me. I knew about water pills but wasn't sure if they were practical on days that I needed to be out of the house.

Water Away water pills appear to do the same thing as a prescription water pill would do. Except these are to help with losing weight and the others are used to remove water from where it shouldn't be, like your legs and feet. All in all though, they both take the water from your body.

These pills are pretty big. I have gotten use to big pills throughout my reviewing career. So it is nothing to me to have a big pill. Other people though, may not be use to swallowing a big pill so I figured I would let everyone know up front. They also have a bit of a smell. When I took these, I just try not to breathe in the smell and I am fine.

The very first time I took these pills, I could tell that they were working. I think I was in the bathroom more that day then I had been the whole week before. By days end, my tummy was looking better. After a few days of taking Water Away, I noticed that my body seemed to be getting use to them. I was still rushing for the bathroom, but I was not going as much.

Since it had gotten better, I decided to try and take one before I headed out for my errands. I only had to stop a few times to go to the bathroom. Eventhough I wasn't going as much, I could still tell that my stomach was looking a lot better and I was having less stomach aches.

I think Water Away is helping me. I step on the scale at the end of a long day and the numbers keep going down. Not big numbers but I am losing! When it comes to finding something to help with weight loss, all natural is something that really intrigues me. I like knowing exactly what I am putting in my body!

If you like my results or want to find out more about this product, you can do so by clicking here. From there you can also find out what other people are saying about this product and buy some for yourself!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review/opinion.

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