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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valhalla Goods Men's Hanging Toiletry Bag

Whether you are headed to the airport or staying at a hotel, you are never quick organized are you? There is always something you end up forgetting no matter how many times you check to "make sure you got it all." Wouldn't it be nice if you had something that you could use to put everything in the same place. You wouldn't have things roaming around in your bag, and you can take it on an airplane. Plus everything can have it's own spot because there are so many pockets in this bag, that you have no excuse to forget anything after you get this bag!

I know that men don't usually like to pack. With this bag, they could get right into their bathroom and load everything in one swift swoop, It would take only a few minutes to gather everything up. All of that part of packing is done and over with painlessly. Even men can't complain about this toiletry bag, which is a good thing because it is designed for them!

This bag folds up and snaps in the front. When you unfold it, there is a hook on the top where you hag it over a shower rod, towel holder or door. Underneath that is a little mirror that is attached. Various pockets all the way down, some close and some do not, At the very bottom, they included another bag in the bottom pocket, that does zip by the way. Inside are several bottles, these are TSA certified bottles, which means you can take them on an airplane.

I know it is designed for men, but my husband and I are going to use this bag when we go to the hotel for our anniversary in May. I am so excited to use this. I think I will take the bottles empty and fill them up with the stuff at the hotel. Then use the stuff out of them while we are there. For now, it is hanging in our bathroom with most of my husband's thing in it. He is enjoying having his own personal space in our tiny bathroom!

This is something you need to head on over to Amazon and check it out! You can do so by clicking here. From that page you can find out more about This toiletry bag, see what others are saying about this awesome page, and buy one for yourself for under $25!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion/review.

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