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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Smooth Viking Products

When it comes to my husbands beard, I wish it looked and felt better then what it does. Apart from the occasional trim, he doesn't pay much attention to it. Well that and shampooing it. Sometimes he uses body wash if he runs out of shampoo. But it never really changes. It is always this ball of scratchy poof.

I got approved to review a few of the products from Smooth Viking. I got beard oil, beard balm, and beard conditioner. They come in some interesting containers. I really like how the balm and the conditioner are packaged. They are almost like over sized lip balm containers. The kind that you unscrew the cap to use.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

The beard oil comes with an eye/medicine dropper. Simply unscrew the dropper and push in n the rubber top to get the oil into the dropper. Let out on it over your palm. then simply massage it into your/your husbands beard/goatee from front to back. To make sure you get it all in, you can run a beard brush through it afterwards.

Beard oil is used to soften your beard/goatee and it helps to stop the itching as well. Your hair comes out neat and clean looking. You won't have to worry about any beard dandruff either. The best part is it is all natural. so you don't have to worry about what you are putting on your beard/goatee.

Start out using a small amount and use more as needed. Play around with it and see exactly how much you need. If you have a smaller beard/goatee you may not need as much, just like if you have a full beard/goatee you may need more then recommended.

Head on over to the product page on Amazon. find out more about this product, see what other people think about it and buy some for yourself or a man in your life.

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

The beard balm, is used to strengthen, thicken, and style your beard/goatee. It is also all natural. Some of the ingredients included in it are: mango butter, shea butter, beeswax etc. this is one product, that you can read the ingredients and really know what you are putting on your face.

With this product, I simply ran my thumb nail over the top of it and got a small amount on the back of my nail. Then I rubbed my fingers together and rubbed it all into my husband's beard. He needed just a tad bit more then the amount so I just ran my nail through again and got some more out.

After using this, he was able to style his goatee in some crazy ways. He likes to be silly so this was a great time for him to act weird. We finally got it flattened and looking nice with the help of a beard brush. I love running my fingers through his goatee now. It looks so good and it doesn't seem like it will break as easily now.

Head on over to the product page on Amazon. From there, you can find out more about the beard balm, see what others are saying about, and buy some beard balm for yourself or for someone you love.

Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner

Not only is it a beard conditioner, it is also a beard sofenter. It comes with many of the same natural ingredients as the balm does. It even comes in a similar container, just with a different sticker. It is all natural of course. There is no real smell, just a bit of a medical smell, but that goes away quickly and you won't be able to tell that you put anything on your beard.

You use this just like you do the balm. Simply run your finger nail over the top and get some onto the back of your finger nail. Then rub it in between your fingers and through your beard or goatee from front to back to make sure you get it all in. Use more as needed. You can also comb through with a beard brush afterwards to make sure it is all coated with the product.

I love that it gives the appearance that my husband's goatee isn't dry and brittle. I will never understand why beard/goatee hair looks and feels so much differently then the hair on a man's head. I run my fingers through his goatee all the time now!

Head on over to the product page on Amazon. You can find out more about the product, see what others have to say about it, and buy some for yourself.

I really love how these products work individually and all together. They really do what they claim too. My husband's goatee looks so much better after using all of these products and your beard/goatee will look amazing as well! Great company name and the packaging is nice as well. The name is something that is geared towards men and is pretty easy to remember!

Get your beard or your husband's beard looking amazing. You still have time to order and receive these before Valentines day. They would make a good present for you or any man you love in your life!

I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. Even though they were free, all my opinions are honest and truthful and I would never recommend something I didn't like or that didn't work simply because I got something for free.

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