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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I got picked to try out organic products through Influenster. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them because they were organic. In the past, organic food hasn't been very good, so it left a bad memory in my mind. I knew I had to go into this with an open mind though and that is what I did.

Many of the coupons they sent, were for products that my local stores do not carry yet. I was able to get bread from Rudi's, Honest juice, and a box of Annie's bunny crackers. The stores said that they may have the other things soon, but that they were too new to get the rest, so I stuck with the bread, crackers and juice.

The Rudi's bread was actually pretty good. It tasted to me like normal bread. There wasn't a weird taste during eating or a weird after taste. For some reason, it felt like it was softer then normal bread. I love the fact that the pieces seem to be bigger then what I am use to and thicker even. It tastes so good with meat and cheese inside!

The coupon for the Honest juice, was suppose to be juice packets. We couldn't find juice boxes anywhere, so we got a big container or it. The store was nice enough to substitute it for the juice boxes. It was pink lemonade flavored. It had everything that juices usually do. It tasted like I am use to, just with a lot less sugar. But there was a light taste, and from what I tasted, it was pretty good. We enjoyed it. The kids drank it the same day we brought it home.

Annie's bunny crackers are really good. They remind me a lot of Goldfish crackers, just with less taste. But the taste that it does have, is pretty good and they fill you up nicely. I love the fact that they are better for you then Goldfish crackers but taste pretty much the same and you can have a lot more of them.

If all the organic stuff tasted this way, then I think I would eat a lot more of it. All these products are awesome and I actually tried and tasted them all. They don't last very long in this house, and I love that we ate so well for a few days. If these products didn't cost so much, I would consider buying them instead of their normal counterparts. But we just can't afford it. If you are looking to eat healthy or you eat organic foods, then these are great ideas for you to eat!

I got these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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