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Monday, February 16, 2015

Mr. Sandman ebook by Lyle Howard

There are some things, you thought you would only read or hear about in Frankenstein. But what would happen if someone really was an experiment by some mad scientist? Would someone like that be able to live safely in this world? Lance Cutter may be able to answer that question for you.

Lance was the product of a mad scientist. After an explosion, he is thought to be dead. His mom takes him and takes off. They try to live a normal happy life but it is hard for Lance to live a normal life. He is so different from the other kids around him. The experiment left him with some pretty impressive skills.

While running again. another incident occurs and they are presumed dead yet again. They managed to escape again..somehow. He really just wants to grow up and stay out of the line of the agents who are trying to track him down.

When a serial killer comes around though, he knows he can't just sit around and let people die. He knows he is going to have to use his skills to catch a killer. He just grew up and had a normal life and job and now he has to go back into the spotlight, which could very well get him caught.

I really enjoyed this book, It is very well written and I think a large age range would enjoy this book. Some say it is silly, but aren't all books allowed to be silly? Others say it isn't well written, as I said earlier I disagree with that. To me it was perfectly written for the subject. Madness displays madness. In other words you are what you feel and what you write. I feel the passion in these words and I loved it!

Guess what! If you go to the product page on Amazon by clicking here, not only can you find out more about this book and  see what others think about this book, you can also buy a copy for yourself, for under $4 bucks. It's a really good book and well worth it!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion/review.

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