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Friday, February 13, 2015

Historical Tales 2 book bundle

Have you ever wondered what happened before you born? Events in history can be so captivating. It is crazy to think of some events actually occurring. I remind myself, that most of the tales you hear are false. Just myths or legends passed down through the ages. I am also reminded that it was a very different time when these stories take place. Rules were different back then. I am so happy to live in these times.

Historical Tales is a 2 book bundle. There are 6 tales in each book, so there are 12 tales for you to enjoy. They are all very well written and draw you in quickly. There were more then a few, that I was left wishing I could read more of the story!

I think that my favorite story in this set is, "The smell of Pancakes." This story to me, is about self control. If you have it, you may not satisfy your own needs, but the needs of others could be satisfied. Sacrifice something for yourself to help someone or something else.

A young man studying to be a priest was getting to eat for the first time in months. He suffered with gluttony and some other sins throughout the story. By the end of the meal, he wanted more but didn't want to ask. Since he didn't speak up the farmer's wife took away the meal. When the young man went to leave, The wife asked him to feed the pigs for her. When he got out there, he realized it was the rest of the meal he had just eaten. Since he didn't have more, there was some for the pigs to eat.

You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here. Head on over and get it for under $1!! Which is a great price and well worth it for this set of 2 books! While there you can read ore about this set and see what other reviewers are saying about it!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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