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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hango Lunch bags

When you are away from the house for whatever reason, you may pack a lunch. When you are packing a lunch, you need a good lunch bag. Something that will keep your food cold and safe. You want to know that what you are eating is good and it will be when you go to eat it. 

Hango lunch bags, are great looking. They are made well and very durable. I like how much you can fit inside of these lunch bags. I got a small bag and a big bag. They came inside a big white bag. I love that they have their own bag and they aren't just thrown into some cabinet when not in use. This way they are always together and I don't have to search for one to be able to pack my lunch.

I packed up one of these for my oldest child. By the time she went through school and it was time for lunch, she was ready to show them off. When she opened it up, everything was still cold. Nothing was flattened or smashed, it was all protected. She was very happy with her lunch. While she was doing that, I used the small one to put pop in, so I would have something cold to drink all day. I did use a gel pack and that helped a lot. Six hours into my day, I opened up the bag to get a pop and it was still pretty cold. Not as cold as it would be in the fridge but cold enough for me.

My daughter got a stain on her bag. I was able to get it mostly out with water and soap. I was surprised by how well it came out and how easy it was. The insides were also really easy to wipe out and clean. I then left them out and let them dry for a little bit. It wasn't long before they were completely dry. I then folded them back up and stuck them back into their bag. 

I really like these lunch boxes. They were durable, clean, and nice. Our lunches and pop were kept safe and cold for the most part. We can use these daily and they look nice. I am happy with these. The color is really nice as well.

You need to check these out on Amazon by clicking here. You can find out more about the product, see what other people are saying about the Hango lunch bag, and buy a set for yourself for only $24.99.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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