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Monday, February 9, 2015

Can YouhandleBar Initiative Beard oil flask

I am not sure why a man's beard is so scratchy. It's like the hair is different then the hair that grows on his head. I have been wanting something to put on it to make it softer. But I wasn't sure where to start or where to look.

I got approved to review a few products from Can Youhandlebar. This is one review that I was excited to try out on my husband. I know it sounds weird, but I love playing with and brushing his hair and goatee. If I didn't do it, it may not ever get done lol

Can Youhandlebar initiative beard oil, has an amazing smell. Once I saw the word lavender on the description, I knew that I had to hide that fact from my husband, until he fell in love with the scent. You know how guys are, they don't want to smell like a woman in anyway. Here is what the package and the product description, say about the smell:

Aroma of lavender, bergamot and citrus essential oils.

I can't really smell the lavender, but I can smell the citrus. It is a very enjoyable smell. It isn't overwhelming, but you can tell it is there. It also doesn't smell girly in anyway. My husband really likes the smell of it and how well it works for him.

To use this product, simply pour some into your hand or onto a beard brush, and then massage it into your beard/goatee going from front to back. Then brush with a beard oil brush. There will be oils left on your hands. The website recommends petting your dog to get the oils off.

Another thing we love about this product, is how well it looks. They are shaped like mini flasks. Which is smart and definitely attractive to men. The sticker is simple but awesome at the same time. It doesn't need to be attention getting because in my opinion, the eye should go straight to the flask and not some attention grabbing sticker. The flask is what will sell this product!

My husband's beard is a lot softer, after using this product the last few weeks. Once he showers though, it tends to go right back to being scratchy. But as long as this product is reapplied, it was soft once more. The amount of scratch seems to have gone down as well.. So hopefully after a few months his hair will be permanently softer.

There are a few ways to check out this product. One way is their website Can YouHandleBar, and through Amazon. On those sites, you can find out more about the product, see what others are saying about it, and buy some of this beard oil for yourself or for a man in your life.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless of price, I will always be truthful.

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