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Monday, February 9, 2015

Can YouHandleBar beard oil brush

Beards and goatees, can get unruly. The hair seems to be rough and feels nothing like the normal hair on your head. My husband's goatee and beard are so rough on me when we kiss. Normal brushes don't work for it either. So it has been left as is for a long time. Just scratchy and wild. I have been wanting something to use on his beard and goatee for a long time but I didn't know where to look.

Can Youhandlebar, approved me to review some of their products for free. After using one of their oils, I simply ran this brush through his facial hair. It really mixes the oils throughly and leaves the facial hair shiny and actually lying down and not all unruly.

I love how this made my husband's facial hair appear. After using this beard brush, I noticed that his facial hair, looked a lot softer. Instead of being a big ball of fuzz, it was almost straight. The bristles run through it like magic!

The packaging and product are also pretty awesome. It comes in its own carrying tin. The sticker with the company name was perfect. Simple black and white, which some would call bland, but I really love it. Subtle is the best way to go with this sticker. It is straight and to the point, with a name that you can't help but remember. The brush itself, fits right into the palm of your hand. It is wood with soft bristles. There is a ? on the top of it. I am not sure I get the reference of what it is suppose to mean. But, I love Batman and it reminds me of the Riddler. So even though I don't know the true meaning, my meaning makes me love it even more.

You need to check these out. You can check this beard brush out by clicking this link, Beard Oil Brush. You can also check it out on Amazon. At those links, you can find out more about the Beard oil brush, see what other people are saying about the beard oil brush, and buy one for yourself, or the main in your life!

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are truthful and my own.

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