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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Super Hemp

Super Hemp is raw shelled organic hemp seed. It is gluten free and has no GMO's. It is a multi-benefit product, which means it will help you with a variety of things and not just one thing. I really enjoy the benefits of multi use items. You really get your money's worth out of products like this even if you don't benefit from every single thing they claim to help with.

Super Hemp, helps with:

Memory and can help improve mood.

It is an appetite suppressant and helps with energy.

Helps with blood circulation and blood pressure.

Helps keep your digestive tract clean.

I have been using it for about a week now and I put these hemp seed in a variety of things. In the mornings I put them in my cereal. I thought that I would be able to pick them out taste wise and they would ruin my cereal, but they really don't taste too bad and you actually forget they are there after awhile. This usually holds me over until lunch, with no snacks along the way.

In the afternoon I will often put these in my yogurt. It helps tide me over until dinner and keeps me from snacking anymore in between. Just like the cereal, you can almost forget they are there. They didn't ruin the taste for me at all.

I can have what I like to eat, knowing that I am not going to snack and binge on other things later. Plus I don't eat too much of anything during any of the meals either. It really did help me to take away that craving to eat all of the time. I swear, if I am bored I will eat, tired I will, eat, sad..happy etc etc.  Now I can go through the day and know that I am not going to over eat.,w_400/v1418850032/hempseeds/superhemp-promocode.jpg I have noticed as well that my mood is getting better. I have been having horrible mood swings lately and these are really helping me to calm down those moods. It's more of a calm then anything but that is a lot better then being mad or grumpy one second and then happy and loving in the next.

Super Hemp has a really good product here. It did help me with many of the things that it claims to help with. I really recommend it. You will save a lot more money with this product, then you would buying the prescriptions to help everything it claims to help with. I didn't think I would like them, but I really do!

You need to check them out on Amazon by clicking here: HEMP SEEDS Find out more about the product, see what others have to say about it and buy your very own bag for a very low price.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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