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Friday, January 9, 2015

Spells 10 Tales of magic--Rayne Hall

It is so hard to find books, that are really interesting nowadays. It seems like writers, are going with things that they know will sell, but there is no substance in them. Avid fans or certain genres, will read just about anything, if they know that their favorite thing is included, like werewolves or vampires.

I have read many books by Rayne Hall. I love his writing style. His words draw you in and make you want to read more. Another thing I enjoy about his short stories, is the fact that he collaborates with all sorts of authors to make the best books possible. They all have different writing styles, but they don't clash with each other, they actually compliment each other very well. It's refreshing to see someone so confident in his stories and his writing style, that he can put away his ego and work with other authors.

I liked all of the stories. As always I wish that I knew what happened after the story ends. It is so frustrating to have your mind wander and want to know what happened to a specific person or where the story went. The stories will make you want to look up the authors, find out more about them, and find more things to read from each of them. Even though some of them end in a frustrating way, that is how short stories are. They pack a big punch and throw you a lot of information in a short amount of time and they really make for some great stories!

My favorite story in the book is, Lady Bard. I am a sucker for a happy ending when it is applicable, and this had a beautiful one. The fact that a prince could love like that from something so long ago, really sends a message out there to all the men and women who think they will never find love. This story shows how much you can help someone without having to do anything but be yourself. Such a powerful message.

One story that was pretty close to real life, but still pretty crazy, was Obsession. A woman goes to the funeral of someone who she hadn't been dating long and sees another woman crying over his body. Come to find out, it was an ex girl friend from high school. The woman obsesses about this, wondering who the man had loved when he died. She goes to some pretty drastic measures to find out and then she gets what she deserves in the end. I can't say that I would ever go to this length over someone who I hadn't dated very long, but maybe others would!

All the stories are pretty awesome, you need to read these for yourself! Head on over to Amazon y clicking here. Find out more about these stories, see what other people think of them and buy it for yourself for only $1!! It is totally worth more then a $1!!

I have more book reviews coming from Rayne Hall! I hope to get everyone as obsessed with his stuff and that of the contributing authors as I am. Just don't take your obsession as far as the woman in the short story!

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.

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