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Monday, December 1, 2014

Xtava spiral hair curler

When it comes to my hair, I am all about it looking good. When I have the time or I am going to do something important. Usually I am a tomboy and I just throw it up in a pony tail or a bun and forget about it. Sometimes though I want to look really cute. I have to admit that I have never owned a curling iron in my life. I remember when I was younger, I would use my moms' curling iron though. It never worked well with my thick hair and it took forever to get it all curled. Even then by the time I was done, it seemed like the other curls had come out of my hair so it was pointless.

The Xtava spiral hair curler, is unlike any other curling iron I have ever seen. The part you clip your hair onto, is much shorter then other curling irons and it has a spiral shape on the barrel that you curl your hair into instead of just a straight barrel. Everything else, seems to function the same way as any other curler you have used.

I washed my hair on Wednesday night and combed it and all of that good stuff and then threw it into my usual pony tail. Thursday morning, it was still a little damp but not wet. I checked out the directions and it said you can use it to curl damp hair. So I plugged it in, it only takes a minute or two for it to get hot and ready to use. I then set out curling it, which as I said earlier is always a long process since my hair is so thick. I found that the smaller amount of hair you try and curl at one time the better. It may be slow going but it will save you from having to do it more then once on one section of hair. 

About an hour later, I finally had all of my hair curled. The directions say that after you curl your hair, you can take a brush and style it in whatever way you are wanting to wear it. Good luck with that though. When I tried to brush it, it felt so stiff like I had put products in it or something which I didn't. Plus it seemed like I brushed all the curls out when I was styling and I couldn't even get the brush down to the bottom to brush where the curls were. By that time, my arms were so tired from holding this curling iron in the air that I was burnt out on making any more curls after I styled it. So now I know the next time, to style it the way I want it, then do the curls. It will make it so much easier on me and that way I can keep all the curls. I know that it looks like a normal curling iron from the picture, but it is pretty big and heavier then a normal curling iron.

This is my hair right after I was done curling it. I really loved how curly my hair turned out before I brushed it though. I have never seen my hair like that and it was really cute! Below is the picture of my hair after I attempted to brush and style it.

You can still see some of the curls but it isn't nearly as cute as it was. But when you are reviewing a product, you live and you learn. Maybe it was because my hair wasn't all the way dry when I did the curls or maybe it was because I brushed. I followed the directions but everyone is different and their hair is different as well. I know the next time I curl it with my Xtava, I am for sure going to have dry hair and have it already styled before I start curling anything.

I have to say, as far as curling irons go, this is the most interesting and best working one, that I have found for my hair. yes it may be a bit heavy but it really works. As you can see by my pictures up above, you get some seriously cute curls. Whether you are just running out for the day and want to throw a few curls in, or you have an event where you need to look nice, this curling iron will do the job. I am in love with it and I think anyone who gets one will be in love with it too! If you would like to check it out on Amazon you can by clicking here. By checking it out there, you can see what other's are saying about the Xtava Spiral Hair Curler, find out more information about it, and buy it! It is definitely worth checking out and pretty cheap!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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