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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Showermade shower caddy

No matter where I live, move to, or vacation at, there is never enough space in the shower for all of the stuff that needs to go in there. I have always needed something to keep all of the stuff together and clean/dry. I never knew what to use or what to try and use. Boxes would get wet and the bottoms would fall out and other bags would get moldy at the bottom.

The Showermade shower caddy though, is made of a mesh material. It allows the water or any other liquid to drain out the bottoms and sides and is a cinch to clean up and air dry. There are many pockets along the outside and the inside is one big pocket. It is a great way to keep your shower items in order so you can find them with ease when it comes time to use them.

This would be perfect for at home use, but it would be great for on the go as well. There is nothing worse then going on vacation and having to store everything in separate places. When you get in the shower, you have to keep running in and out because of things you forgot to take in there with you. If you had this handy shower caddy, you and your family will only have to step into the shower and enjoy because everything is within arms reach.

Another way you could enjoy this caddy, is when you head out to the local pool or lake. Simply store clothes and a towel inside in the big pocket and then sunscreen googles, pool toys and other essentials in the outside pockets. Then when you are done, throw in your wet swim suit and towel and you are good to go, without having to touch any of it. The mesh will let all of the water out, so make sure you put it on top of something that won't get ruined in your car.

If you are a crafter, you could easily use this product as well. there are so many pockets for beads, string, glue etc. Have everything handy in one spot so you don't have to get up and down to get what you need. Easily do crafting anywhere at any time by carrying it all in this caddy.

I am in love with this Showermade shower caddy. It has so many uses, the possibilities are endless with this product. It is also very well made and sturdy. I have had some pretty heavy things in there and the handle holds up really well. I am not worried about it breaking and my stuff flying everywhere. The handle is a bit awkward and it could probably be of better use with two handles but it works just as well with one. The last thing I used this for was on Christmas. I placed all my bows, ribbons, tape, tags and etc inside so that way I could wrap gifts in any room with out having my hands full.

I will continue to use this product for whatever needs I have. They could probably call this an all around caddy and could double their profit. You really need to check them out on Amazon,

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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