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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Insta natural argan oil hair mask

If you have dry damaged hair, then you would really benefit from Insta natural argan oil hair mask. It is an intensive leave in hair conditioner. It will repair your hair, strengthen and protect, and give you soft and silky strands. It will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing.
Simply open the container (which I must say is pretty huge) and massage it into your clean damp hair. It will take 5 to 15 minutes to soak in. While it says it is a leave in, you do need to rinse it out after the 5 to 15 minutes are up. Once blow dried or air dried, you will see the benefits of the product.

When my hair was dry, it looked pretty amazing. It had volume and it looked so shiny. I was afraid that it would be greasy or weighed down like argan oils usually do to my hair, but It actually looked pretty amazing. I felt like one of those models on the herbal essences commercials. I loved the way it looked and felt. Plus it doesn't take very long at all to put the product in or take it, what takes the most amount of time was waiting while the product was soaking into my hair. I usually just got it wet underneath the water in the sink, threw a towel on and went about my business. When the time was up, I simply jumped in the shower, washed it out and then went along with my usual shampoo. Super easy to use and to remember how to use and I am in love with it. This container will last me for a very long time.

Head on over to the Insta Natural website to find out more about all of their products. You can also head over to Amazon to find out more about just this product and find out what other's think about the product by clicking here.

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