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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dr, Hanas Nasopure Nasal wash system

When you are sick, there is nothing worse then when you can't breathe. You try and try to breathe through your nose but it is stopped up. The sniffles bring on a headache and then you can't breath and you have a headache. 

With the Nasopure nasal wash system, you can wash all of the worries away easily. I have a few Neti pots so I knew exactly how to use this system. I love the set up of this a lot better then the Neti Pot. The neck on this one is longer and it is easier to position this and use it.

Before using the Nasopure, wash it thoroughly, you can even put a few drops of bleach in it to disinfect. First, put in the solution and water. Always use distilled boiled water, so you don't get any sort of infection. Put the cap on and mix up the solution well. This can get messy, so do this over the sink, a trash can or in the shower. Keep your head straight and do not bend the neck. You then place the bottle tip into your nostril, making sure it is pointed toward the back of the throat and not towards the eyes. block your throat by holding your breath as you squeeze the bottle. When you get done with one nostril, switch to the other. When you are all done, let it drain and blow your nose carefully.

If you have a congestion on only one side though, only wash that side out, not both. After a few days, the swelling will go down. You can use this system every day, whether you are sick or not, but I only use it when I am sick or when I feel a sickness is coming on.

If you have a sickness, you can use this up to 4 times a day if it is severe. If it is mild, you can use it 2 to 3 times a day. If you just use this as a daily precaution then only do it once a day.

Adults and children alike can use this system. Children should only use it, after you have taught them the correct way so they can do it by them self. You don't want an of this solution to get in places where it is not suppose to be. 

Always replace the bottle after 6-12 months of use. The salt packets will keep forever if you keep them dry and stored in the right circumstances. 

I love how easy to use this system is. It is a lot easier to position this in  your nose then other systems like this and the directions were so much easier to understand. my nose is feeling a whole lot better now. I haven't had congestion yet this year since I start using this at the first signs of getting sick. It may look silly but it really works. I think everyone should have something like this in their homes.

Head on over to their website, so you can find out more about the Nasopure nasal wash system.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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