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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best healthy vegan holiday recipes e-book

Living with or cooking for a vegan is tough, especially around the holidays. It always feels like you have to go out of your way to make sure they have something to eat while also cooking all the dishes for the non vegans at the same time. This book has some pretty easy recipes, they may even be things that vegans and non vegans alike will eat.

This e book starts out with Thanksgiving recipes. I know when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of turkey and other yummy meats. Vegans though, are probably thinking about how they will have nothing to eat at holiday events. There are many easy recipes in here that don't take too much time or many ingredients. My favorite is probably the, Apple Crumb cake. You just need apples, applesauce, whole wheat flour, salt, and cinnamon. Very easy ingredients and things that you already have in your home. Simply mix the ingredients, place in an oven safe container, top and bake for at least thirty minutes.

Make sure that you clearly mark the vegan dishes or keep them separate from the other dishes. You don't want all the vegan food to be eaten by the meat eaters until the vegan guest has had the chance to eat their fill. You will look like a bad host/hostess if you leave them sitting there with nothing to eat.

The second part of the book, are the Christmas recipes. This is one of my favorite holidays in theory. Has been since I was little..when it was still fun. Now it has turned into a stressful time but trying to make vegan and nonvegan dishes alike, should not add on to the stress. As long as you have fresh fruits and veggies, you are good to go on the vegan dishes. Corn stuffed bell peppers are probably my favorite recipe in the Christmas section. The bell peppers can go along with the Christmas theme of green and red. Simply use bell peppers, corn, lentils and a few other ingredients to have yourself an amazing dish. Pumpkin gingerbread, is another recipe that looks amazing. Pumpkin, syrup, molasses and a few other ingredients that you should have in your cabinet already. Mix them all together and you will have one amazing dessert.

The third section of this e book is the Halloween recipes. I think that this would be the easiest holiday to make dishes for vegans. There are so many ways to use pumpkins to your advantage. Whether it is using the seeds or using the actual pumpkin itself to serve food in. These recipes are not only smart, easy to make but they make for good presentation as well. There is a really amazing pumpkin pie recipe in there. Looks pretty much like a normal pumpkin pie recipe with a few tweaks here and there.

The fourth section is Easter and all the recipes that go along with it. There are many soups salads and dip recipes in this section. The Chunky bean dip recipe is probably my favorite. Simply throw together pinto beans avacado, tomato and a few other things and you have yourself one good looking dip.

I have to say that the last recipe in the book is my favorite out of all the others. It is raw chocolate fudge. Cocoa powder, syrup, vanilla a few other things. This is probably the first thing I am going to try, and it will be the hardest thing to keep away from all the non vegans.

This book will teach you, that not all vegan recipes are weird. They are a lot like normal recipes, they just use a whole lot more veggies and fruits and no meat. They don't really take special ingredients to make and they can be cooked up fairly quickly.

If you are a vegan, know someone who is, or would just like to try and eat healthier, then this book is something you need to check out. Head on over to Amazon and see what you think.

I got this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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