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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Compressions brand velcro knee brace

When you start to get older, everything starts to hurt, all the time. Just walking up and down the stairs, can hurt you. I know my knees have hurt for as long as I can remember. Way before I was "old" and had all of my health problems. When I have a pain, I usually just wrap whatever it is in an ace bandage and try to deal with the pain.

The Compressions knee brace is really nice. I love how it fits the shape of my knee. Since it has velcro, it can fit just about any knee size. But with velcro sometimes comes gaps around the knee which won't let them feel as tight and your knee won't feel as supported. But that is not the case with this one. No matter if you put it on loosely or tight against your skin, I haven't seen any gaps yet.

This can be worn under clothing and right on to of your skin, but we prefer to wear it over top of light pajama pants. Either by themselves or under another pair of pants. That way it will be less likely to rub up against and irritate my skin when I am moving around during the day. It is very well made and breathes really well, so it would be fine to wear it right up against the skin.

I have had a lot of trouble with my knees lately, especially when I am coming and going on the stairs of my apartment. So I have been putting this on before I go out for the day. When I get home, I still feel the stiffness and a little bit of pain, but it is a lot better then what it was before. It hides really well under your clothing, so you don't have to worry about having something bulky and weird around your knee and have people asking what is going on.

I really like this knee brace. It works so much better then any ace bandage that I have used. It helps with my pain and it is made well. The sweat just wipes right off of it. Make sure to air dry it and it will be as good as new the next time you go to use it. I will use this thing until the velcro wears off of it.

You have to head on over to Amazon and check this knee brace out!

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Majestic Bombay eyelash curler

When it comes to my eyelashes, the most I have ever done to mine, is throw on some mascara. For some reason I always thought that they would just curl up on their own with just the mascara. I always thought they looked fine though. I am not much for make up and beauty and all of that. I think of myself as a natural beauty who doesn't need make up every single day to feel good about myself.

When I took this curler out of the packaging, it was like a foreign instrument to me. Some sort of alien probe or something. I had no clue how to use an eyelash curler. After getting out the instructions, I thought that I knew how to use it...but I really didn't. The whole concept seems easy enough but I can't seem to figure it out.

I had to take this over to my mom. She did it for me at first, and then showed me how to use it. I am still not a pro at it but I am getting better at it. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Put your eyelash in and squeeze the curlers shut. Sounds easy, but it is hard to figure out how to get your eyelashes into it to curl them in the first place. It is not a flaw of this product, it is a flaw of all eyelash curlers. I have yet to find one that actually looked easy to use.

On the plus side, I loved how these are made. The rubber really saves my fingers. No sharp parts to rub against or stab your hands or fingers. It comes with a rubber piece to protect your eyelashes. Two extra ones are also included. The colors are very good for girly girls who love their pink. I have never seen a more durable curler and I am sure it will last for years.

Head on over to Amazon and check it out and/or buy your own.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Supreme Health- Supreme Forskolin review and giveaway

I have said many times before, that I love products that are good for many uses. It always saves money to be able to take one product for many things instead of many products for multiple things. Not only is Supreme forsklin for rapid weight loss, but it also has many other uses. Including help with insomnia and bladder infections.

Eventhough, I love multi uses products, I do have my doubts that they help with every single thing they claim. This product though, comes with a 100% back guarantee. So even if it only works for 1 or 2 of the things it claims, it is still a useful product.

I don't have problems with bladder infections or high blood pressure but I do need to lose weight and I have a lot of trouble sleeping. So I knew that I could really review at least two parts of what this product claims to do.

I noticed that I am starting to sleep a little bit better after only a few weeks of using Supreme Forskolin. It is nothing that works right away, but after a few days to a week they started to sink in and I was actually tired at night and I could actually sleep at night when I need to.

This product needs a bit longer to notice the weight loss side. I have lost a few pounds, but nothing to really get excited about yet. The pills aren't too big, but they aren't small either. But they are easy to take and easy to swallow as well.

When the bottle is empty, I will update this review and let everyone know how my sleeping is and how much more weight I have lost.

If you want to win your own bottle, simply comment below and you are in the giveaway, simple as that. :)

Check this product out on Amazon.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion

Foxbrim seaweed complex lotion, can be used as a lotion or a moisturizer. It creates, balanced and nourished skin. Working so much better then your average lotion. All skin types can use this lotion and it is made in a FDA facility.

Foxbrim products, come in easy to use containers. Packaged so much better then normal lotions. The tops that they use are so easy on my arthritic hands. I really enjoy the smell of it as well and the fact that the smell doesn't stick with you for more then a minute or so.

For such a small container, this product lasts a really long time. I have been using it for weeks now and it still feels like it is as full as when I got it. You don't need much of this at all. I little bit goes a long way on your face. Just make sure your face is clean and dry and then rub it in your face.

I usually use it once a day, while I am doing the rest of my beauty routine in the morning. It is a great additive for your routine or all alone at night before bed. The natural ingredients are safe to use every day and by a few weeks, your skin will look a lot different then how it did before you started using.

Check this product out on Amazon.

I received this product, for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Greenforce Labs N02 preworkout pills

When it comes to working out, energy is one thing that is easy to work out of your body. I have so much trouble keeping my focus and energy when I am working out so I tend to stop before I have had my full workout. After trying N02 from Greenforce Labs though, I was able to get through a full workout and I could have kept going if my body wasn't hurting so badly.

The bottle comes with a huge amount of pills, 120 to be exact. It says to take 4 pills prior to workout. No more then that in one day. So this is a 30 day supply. Make sure you take these with a large amount of water. They are pretty big but not too big to swallow them down. The smell is almost non existant and will not affect you taking them.

Before my workout, I swallowed them done and then waited for a little bit since I had to use so much water with them. Within half an hour, I was focused and had the energy needed to go on with my workout. I only use these on the days that I am going to work out so they should last about 2 months for me. The bottle says to not se it for more then 8 weeks so that makes the amount pretty perfect for me.

It comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if it doesn't do what it claims to do, you can get your money back with no questions asked. The formula is FDA approved so it is perfectly safe. It is not intended for people under 18 or for those who are pregnant or nursing.

Check out more about this product, what others think of it, and buy some for yourself by checking out these conveinent links. and on Facebook

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Even though it was free, I would never say good things about a product that I didn't like or that didn't work for me.

Yalmeh Moisturizing Lotion

There are many beauty products on the market today. Yalmeh makes some of the best. I had never even heard of the company before I started my blog. To date, I have gotten to try many of them and I love how well they all work for an unknown brand.

The moisturizing lotion from Yalmeh, comes in a 0.5 fl oz squeeze container. It is orange and kind of plain. You have to really look to find out what it says, direction and ingredient wise. I don't care much for orange but this shade isn't too bad. One of the things I love about Yalmeh is that they use different colors for their products. You don't have to worry about grabbing and using the wrong product at any time.

This lotion is pretty straight forward as far as how to use it. Simply, squeeze it out onto your finger and then spread all over your clean dry face. I couldn't smell the product until I spread it onto my face. It was a different smell but it wasn't bad and it went away after only a few minutes. This product spreads well and didn't leave me greasy at all. The lotion was soaked into my skin really quickly. So I was able to move on to the next step in my beauty routine, without having to wait.

Yalmeh, lightens spots and discoloration, refines skin texture, and reduces wrinkles. It has some great vitamins in it and the best part, is that it is all natural. No harsh chemicals in this product, means no harsh chemicals soaking into your skin. This can be used for men and women alike. Since it has no perfume smell, no one would ever have to know that you and your man are sharing your beauty lotion.

As always, Yalmeh comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. You don't have to worry about wasting money on a product that doesn't work. The only thing you will lose, are the ugly wrinkles on your face.

You can find this product on Amazon. I you want to find out more about it, see what other people are saying about this lotion, and/or buy some for yourself, check it out

I received this product, for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I am in no way obligated to give a good review, say anything good about the product, or even like the product.

Garcinia Cambogia--Summit Nutritions

I have been struggling with my weight for a few years now. Whoever said that it is harder to lose weight the older you get, was not lying. I am very stubborn so I don't want to change what I eat. I did stop eating so much during the day and only one plate during meals. No seconds for me anymore. I have fibromyalgia, so exercise is hard for me sometimes, when I am always in pain. I have heard abot several diet pills that you can take. Those things scare me though. I never know exactly what they are going to do to my body, so I have never tried anything like that. When I decided that I needed to try something, I knew that a pure extract would be the thing for me.

When you start any new pill, always talk to your doctor first so you know that it is safe for you to use. Do your homework and check out everything it says on the box and find one that is safest for you. This product is pure extract no GMO's or gluten and the pills are vegetarian.

I haven't noticed much of a loss in terms of numbers, but you can really tell how much water you lose out of your body. My body shape is different now and I feel better just with the water out of my system. No more bloating, but I am still the same weight, give or take a few pounds.

I love that these pills are all natural so they won't hurt my body with harsh chemicals. They don't smell too bad and they are about the same size as usual diet pills. So they aren't horse pills but they aren't small either. They went down pretty easily for me. I made sure to drink a bunch of water with them. So not only will it take care of that water, it will take care of the water that you have stored inside, making you look and feel bloated.

This product makes me feel almost detoxed. A fresh body makes a fresh mind and this will totally give you both. I love the packaging of this product as well. It flows well and the colors compliment each other well. It is definitely a bottle that will have your attention and will make others ask you what it is and what it is for just by walking past it on your shelf.

They sell it on Amazon for a pretty low price, head on over to Find out what other people think about this product, learn more about it and buy some for yourself.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Just because I received it for free though, does not mean I have to give it a good review or like the product.

Showermade shower caddy

No matter where I live, move to, or vacation at, there is never enough space in the shower for all of the stuff that needs to go in there. I have always needed something to keep all of the stuff together and clean/dry. I never knew what to use or what to try and use. Boxes would get wet and the bottoms would fall out and other bags would get moldy at the bottom.

The Showermade shower caddy though, is made of a mesh material. It allows the water or any other liquid to drain out the bottoms and sides and is a cinch to clean up and air dry. There are many pockets along the outside and the inside is one big pocket. It is a great way to keep your shower items in order so you can find them with ease when it comes time to use them.

This would be perfect for at home use, but it would be great for on the go as well. There is nothing worse then going on vacation and having to store everything in separate places. When you get in the shower, you have to keep running in and out because of things you forgot to take in there with you. If you had this handy shower caddy, you and your family will only have to step into the shower and enjoy because everything is within arms reach.

Another way you could enjoy this caddy, is when you head out to the local pool or lake. Simply store clothes and a towel inside in the big pocket and then sunscreen googles, pool toys and other essentials in the outside pockets. Then when you are done, throw in your wet swim suit and towel and you are good to go, without having to touch any of it. The mesh will let all of the water out, so make sure you put it on top of something that won't get ruined in your car.

If you are a crafter, you could easily use this product as well. there are so many pockets for beads, string, glue etc. Have everything handy in one spot so you don't have to get up and down to get what you need. Easily do crafting anywhere at any time by carrying it all in this caddy.

I am in love with this Showermade shower caddy. It has so many uses, the possibilities are endless with this product. It is also very well made and sturdy. I have had some pretty heavy things in there and the handle holds up really well. I am not worried about it breaking and my stuff flying everywhere. The handle is a bit awkward and it could probably be of better use with two handles but it works just as well with one. The last thing I used this for was on Christmas. I placed all my bows, ribbons, tape, tags and etc inside so that way I could wrap gifts in any room with out having my hands full.

I will continue to use this product for whatever needs I have. They could probably call this an all around caddy and could double their profit. You really need to check them out on Amazon,

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Spalon Tech Cellulite Reduction Cream

Once we start getting older, our bodies no longer stay young and can't bounce back from life, like it use to. I for one have discovered more cellulite lately. It makes you so self conscience. You don't even want to look at yourself naked anymore. Full length mirrors are not your friend anymore.

This product has a cute top that you twist to turn open and close. When you first use the product, you need to pump it a few times to get it to come out. The smell of it is actually pretty nice compared to other cellulite creams I have tried in the past.

I pump it out onto my finger or palm and then I spread it generously on the spots that need attention. Usually I do this in just my bra and underwear so that I don't get the cream on any of my clothes. I don't know that it will stain, but I don't want to take the chance that it might. Also this way allows the cream to dry all the way so I know for sure that it is working. Apply this twice a day. I usually do it in the morning and at night so that I remember to apply it. Always make sure you drink a lot of water when using Spalon Tech Cellulite Reduction cream.

I love how it makes my body feel. My cellulite has decreased a little bit. Making it less noticeable on my body. Nothing will take the cellulite away totally but this product does a very good job at starting you on your way.

Check it out on Amazon

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Yalmeh foundation brush

There seems to be a brush for everything when it comes to make up. I am not up on all the make up supplies so I had no idea, that I needed to use a brush for everything. Not only does it make them easier to apply but my hands stay clean and the make up is applied better.

I was amazed at the sheer size of this brush from Yalmeh. It is a bit heavy but not too bad and won't make your arm ache from holding it up for long periods of time. I always used my fingers to apply my foundation so this whole process was a little foreign to me. Application is simple though, as are the instructions.

To use the brush, get your liquid or powder foundation onto it and apply to your face. This brush makes applying so much easier and quicker then just using your fingers. I love the way the bristles make my face feel and how evenly it gets applied.

Cleaning the brush is pretty simple, simply use baby shampoo or dish detergent on it. Put it onto a sponge and swirl the brush over the sponge then rinse and it should all come right off without taking any bristles with it and leaving the brush in tact and like brand new every time you use it.

I really love this brush and I will keep using it for as long as the brush life allows. You do save time while applying it but the time is used up by cleaning the brush. It still saves a tiny bit of time. This is more for an even clean application. Which you will get every single time.

Head on over and check it out on Amazon. Find out more about the product, see what other people think about it, and buy one for yourself. It is currently at a low price and worth every single penny of it.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Best healthy vegan holiday recipes e-book

Living with or cooking for a vegan is tough, especially around the holidays. It always feels like you have to go out of your way to make sure they have something to eat while also cooking all the dishes for the non vegans at the same time. This book has some pretty easy recipes, they may even be things that vegans and non vegans alike will eat.

This e book starts out with Thanksgiving recipes. I know when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of turkey and other yummy meats. Vegans though, are probably thinking about how they will have nothing to eat at holiday events. There are many easy recipes in here that don't take too much time or many ingredients. My favorite is probably the, Apple Crumb cake. You just need apples, applesauce, whole wheat flour, salt, and cinnamon. Very easy ingredients and things that you already have in your home. Simply mix the ingredients, place in an oven safe container, top and bake for at least thirty minutes.

Make sure that you clearly mark the vegan dishes or keep them separate from the other dishes. You don't want all the vegan food to be eaten by the meat eaters until the vegan guest has had the chance to eat their fill. You will look like a bad host/hostess if you leave them sitting there with nothing to eat.

The second part of the book, are the Christmas recipes. This is one of my favorite holidays in theory. Has been since I was little..when it was still fun. Now it has turned into a stressful time but trying to make vegan and nonvegan dishes alike, should not add on to the stress. As long as you have fresh fruits and veggies, you are good to go on the vegan dishes. Corn stuffed bell peppers are probably my favorite recipe in the Christmas section. The bell peppers can go along with the Christmas theme of green and red. Simply use bell peppers, corn, lentils and a few other ingredients to have yourself an amazing dish. Pumpkin gingerbread, is another recipe that looks amazing. Pumpkin, syrup, molasses and a few other ingredients that you should have in your cabinet already. Mix them all together and you will have one amazing dessert.

The third section of this e book is the Halloween recipes. I think that this would be the easiest holiday to make dishes for vegans. There are so many ways to use pumpkins to your advantage. Whether it is using the seeds or using the actual pumpkin itself to serve food in. These recipes are not only smart, easy to make but they make for good presentation as well. There is a really amazing pumpkin pie recipe in there. Looks pretty much like a normal pumpkin pie recipe with a few tweaks here and there.

The fourth section is Easter and all the recipes that go along with it. There are many soups salads and dip recipes in this section. The Chunky bean dip recipe is probably my favorite. Simply throw together pinto beans avacado, tomato and a few other things and you have yourself one good looking dip.

I have to say that the last recipe in the book is my favorite out of all the others. It is raw chocolate fudge. Cocoa powder, syrup, vanilla a few other things. This is probably the first thing I am going to try, and it will be the hardest thing to keep away from all the non vegans.

This book will teach you, that not all vegan recipes are weird. They are a lot like normal recipes, they just use a whole lot more veggies and fruits and no meat. They don't really take special ingredients to make and they can be cooked up fairly quickly.

If you are a vegan, know someone who is, or would just like to try and eat healthier, then this book is something you need to check out. Head on over to Amazon and see what you think.

I got this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Dr, Hanas Nasopure Nasal wash system

When you are sick, there is nothing worse then when you can't breathe. You try and try to breathe through your nose but it is stopped up. The sniffles bring on a headache and then you can't breath and you have a headache. 

With the Nasopure nasal wash system, you can wash all of the worries away easily. I have a few Neti pots so I knew exactly how to use this system. I love the set up of this a lot better then the Neti Pot. The neck on this one is longer and it is easier to position this and use it.

Before using the Nasopure, wash it thoroughly, you can even put a few drops of bleach in it to disinfect. First, put in the solution and water. Always use distilled boiled water, so you don't get any sort of infection. Put the cap on and mix up the solution well. This can get messy, so do this over the sink, a trash can or in the shower. Keep your head straight and do not bend the neck. You then place the bottle tip into your nostril, making sure it is pointed toward the back of the throat and not towards the eyes. block your throat by holding your breath as you squeeze the bottle. When you get done with one nostril, switch to the other. When you are all done, let it drain and blow your nose carefully.

If you have a congestion on only one side though, only wash that side out, not both. After a few days, the swelling will go down. You can use this system every day, whether you are sick or not, but I only use it when I am sick or when I feel a sickness is coming on.

If you have a sickness, you can use this up to 4 times a day if it is severe. If it is mild, you can use it 2 to 3 times a day. If you just use this as a daily precaution then only do it once a day.

Adults and children alike can use this system. Children should only use it, after you have taught them the correct way so they can do it by them self. You don't want an of this solution to get in places where it is not suppose to be. 

Always replace the bottle after 6-12 months of use. The salt packets will keep forever if you keep them dry and stored in the right circumstances. 

I love how easy to use this system is. It is a lot easier to position this in  your nose then other systems like this and the directions were so much easier to understand. my nose is feeling a whole lot better now. I haven't had congestion yet this year since I start using this at the first signs of getting sick. It may look silly but it really works. I think everyone should have something like this in their homes.

Head on over to their website, so you can find out more about the Nasopure nasal wash system.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.