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Saturday, November 8, 2014


I know we all have places in our homes where even though you clean and scrub, the stains just won't come out. My husband works a dirty job and my kids are always making a mess and causing stains. We can't afford to have the carpets cleaned, and we live in an apartment anyway so I don't really see the point in having them professionally cleaned until we move to a house. So I was really excited to get to try out Zep for free through Crowdtap. This was the first time that I had ever heard of Zep and I love reviewing products that I have never heard of before or never tried. You start out with a clean slate. Nothing to make you have a bad feeling about a certain product or a certain brand. I cleaned a few things in my house and I will let you know how Zep worked to get them all clean or if it didn't really work at all.

First up is the side of our tub. I don't know about anyone else but this area gets so dirty. I'm not sure if their are dirty feet or hands being placed there while getting in and out of the shower or tub or what but it seems to collect all the dirt and I haven't been able to find anything to help get it clean. My husband works in a dirty shop like I said earlier and some of the dirt and chemicals, don't like to come off with a really hard scrubbing. The scrubbing is what kills me. It can take me hours to clean my tub and the sides of it. I tried Zep and here are my before and after shots:

 This is the before, it is kind of hard to see but there is a lot of dirt there that just sticks to the edge and sides and doesn't want to go away like I said without a hard scrubbing.

This is the after. I left the rag there so you can see the dirt that came off with just one application of Zep All-Around. Usually it would take about 20 minutes for me to get this much off of that small area. I didn't have to scrub at all, after a minute, it just wiped right off.

Next thing I cleaned was my sink. This area also gets messy pretty fast from my husband's dirty hands and everything the kid's get on their hands. I was pretty impressed with how well Zep worked on the sink.

 This is the before shot, you can see how dirty and dingy the sink looks before using Zep to clean it up.
After 1 minute of leaving Zep sit on the sink I just wiped away all the dirt and now it is shiny and clean!

The last thing I cleaned was part of my stove. This was the hardest job and the biggest test as to whether Zep could clean with the big boys. I have mixed feelings on this one, I will let you see for yourself what you think of the job that Zep did.

 This first picture shows what it looked like to start out, I have the Zep on there and am letting it soak in. Since these are so dirty, I let it soak a bit longer then the one minute.
 Next is the aftermath of the first wiping and rinsing of zep. As you can see I had to spray more on there and let it sit again.
Lastly this is the final pic. I ended up spraying the Zep and waiting three different times. I even had to get a scrub pad out because Zep was just not doing the job on this one all alone. As you can see there is still a bunch around the circle that wouldn't come off. (I was tired of scrubbing at this point) But the other areas are a lot cleaner then what they were and even shinier then before.

At the end of the day, Zep worked perfectly on 2 out of the 3 things that I attempted to clean. Doesn't seem to work the best on caked on dirt or grease but for simple projects it seems to work really well. I will recommend this, just with the warning, to not try and clean heavy duty things with the products. I will also let them know that you just spray, wait and wipe. Simple instructions on the bottles and easy to follow. The tiny sample bottles, did end up hurting my hands because of my arthritis but I am sure the normal bottles are much bigger then the ones I received which would make it much easier for people with arthritis.

I received this product for free for review purposes from Crowdtap and Zep. My opinions are my own and I was not swayed in any way to write only good things about the product.

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