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Saturday, November 8, 2014

InstaNatural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream

Seems like everywhere you look, someone has stretch marks. Some people have had kids and others just lost a bunch of weight. Both are good reasons to have stretch marks and they end up being a badge of honor almost. Stretch marks though, are ugly and can make your confidence level go way down. I have had three kids, so you can imagine what my tummy, breasts, and thighs look like. I have tried many products for years and nothing seems to work for me. I try using them twice a day but often times I forget to do the second dose and sometimes even the first dose for days at a time. So I am not sure if it is the products that don't work or if it is because I can't seem to remember to always do them. You would think that after taking a shower and seeing all of them, that, that would be enough to remind me, but it doesn't always serve as a reminder.

I am to the point, where I don't even like looking at my body because of all the stretch marks and other factors. I was becoming desperate to find a product that would work for me, so that I could accept my body again. I know, that I should be glad and feel good about myself for having the proving marks of child birth, but I really don't. My kids are my reminder and my proof so I really don't need the proof on my body.

InstaNatural became a possibility and I jumped at the chance and applied to review it. I have mixed opinions about natural products. Sometimes they work and sometimes they are just crap. I am always open to try natural products though, because they are better for you then things that use crazy chemicals and that may be harmful to your body.

As soon as I got the product, I noticed how different it was from the normal products that I have used for stretch marks. Most of them came in a round container and were more like a butter texture, that was hard to get out and didn't spread as well as I would have liked. InstaNatural came in a container like you see some toothpaste come in. Has a button on top, that you just push down and the cream comes out into the palm of your hand. A little goes a long way but I always take two pumps every time I use it, because I have a lot of areas that need it applied on and because I want to make sure to have a good coverage on those spots.

I really liked that it didn't have the crazy smell that a lot of stretch mark creams do. You know, the medicine smell that you get. It was also nice that the smell didn't stick with you. After you have applied the product and left your shirt up or pants off or down and let it dry, the smell went with it. Like I said I wouldn't mind the smell because it wasn't a bad one, but I am glad that it did go away because I know a lot of people who don't like to have multiple smells on them at one time. This product doesn't leave you greasy at all and dries really quickly so you don't have to wait long to go about your morning or night. I haven't had it stain any of my clothes either so that is a plus as well.

After using this for about a month, and actually remembering to use it at least once a day. (usually twice but I still forget) I have noticed that the stretch marks are beginning to fade away. It's just a start, but if the product keeps working as it has been, my stretch marks should be so faint in a few months, that I won't even be able to notice them unless I look to where they were. Since m husband and I are the only ones who know where they are on my body, I feel like they will be so faded, that no one will be able to pick out where they were unless they studied my body for awhile.

I also used this product for a scar on my sons' face. He hates this scar and has been wanting it gone for awhile now. I have only being using it on him once a day, right before he goes to bed. It has faded a little bit I think, but he thinks it has done an amazing job. I guess if he is happy with the results so far, then that is all that matters!

If you are looking for a natural product that helps with not only stretch marks but scars as well, then this is one that you need to check out. I have enjoyed trying it out and I will continue to use the product. It has my sons' and my approvals and we recommend it! You can check out all the InstaNatural products on their website by clicking here or you can find out more about just the stretch mark and scar cream and read what other people have to say about it on Amazon by clicking here.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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