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Saturday, November 8, 2014

InstaNatural Serum

I have found out that many serums, don't do what they claim to do and just leave you feeling greasy and not youthful at all. Seems like every where you look, someone is coming out with a new serum. Instead of aging gracefully like our grandmothers and great grandmothers, we are attempting to slow the hands of time. I understand if you are doing this for yourself, but if you are doing it for others then I don't understand it as much. We all want to look and feel beautiful all the time, but I am not trying to impress anyone else. I have friends, family and a husband who loves me so who else do I really have to impress?? Maintaining my skin the way it is now, is something that I would like to do, purely for me though.

I have found that I like the InstaNatural products. The fact that they are natural and actually work are a big plus to me. When I was asked to review the serum, I hadn't tried anything from InstaNatural yet, so I wasn't sure how well their products worked. Plus through Tomoson I have reviewed way too many serums to count and only a few of them actually worked. If I had known that InstaNatural products worked so well, when I was asked to do this review, I would have been much more excited about trying another serum.

This product comes in an easy to use bottle, with instructions in pretty big letters and they were really easy to follow. I washed my face and dried it, then I used the dropper and dropped a few drops onto the palm of my hand. I then took my middle finger and dipped it into the product and put dots all over my face, chin and neck area. After I had all the dots on my face I rubbed them all in with my middle finger (you apply the least amount of pressure to your skin this way) I found that it had a little bit of a smell but it wasn't too bad. It smoothed in really well and dried quickly. My face wasn't left greasy and I could apply moistureizer and make up right after it dried and it didn't affect the serum or the other products at all. I can also go straight to bed and it won't rub off on my sheets or pillow case.

As is the case with all serums, I have only been using this for a month and haven't seen much in the way of results, besides the glow that my skins lets off now and how smooth my face is. I didn't have many wrinkles before but I suppose they have softened a bit. I know that these products need to be used for longer then a month to see any full benefits, so I will continue to enjoy the glow and how soft I feel and when the bottle is gone I will update this post and let you know how it worked out in the end

If you would like to check out the InstaNatural website, you can do so here, You can also go straight to this product on Amazon and find out more about it and what other people are saying about it by clicking here.

I received this product for free in exchange for my review, I was not paid or swayed to give a good review and I wouldn't say something worked if it didn't work for me.

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