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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nancy Drew and the Labyrinth of Lies

Everyone knows that I love games. Especially games that take me back to my childhood. I remember reading Nancy Drew when I was in my teens and maybe even before then. My brother use to read the Hardy Boys books as well. To me they will always be some of the best books I have ever read. Sometimes the things went over my head but I know if I read them now, I would understand exactly what was going on. I believe this is why I have a need to solve mysteries now. Just reading and imagining how could it would be and how everyone would think you were so cool.

As soon as I got this I stuck in the computer. I couldn't wait to get started playing. Just so you know though, it takes a really long time to get onto your computer. If you happen to be an impatient person or you are buying this for an impatient person, always leave plenty of time for this to save to your computer before getting excited or getting someone else excited. After getting it on to your computer though, you no longer need to have the disc in the computer to get it to play. Which might be the reason it takes so long to get on there. I love the fact that you don't need the disc because this way, if you have multiple computers, your family can all play the game at the same time or whenever they want to play and not have interference with others who are playing or waiting.

Anyway, I started playing the game as soon as it was done saving to the lap top. I have to say that I was really confused on what exactly I was suppose to do and where to go. The game doesn't exactly give the best instructions. So I'm not going to lie, I did google a walkthrough for the game so that I could at least get an understanding of what to do. My oldest who is 12 decided not to use the walk through and has been stuck since the first day. I know it says that it can be used by kids younger then her but I really don't see how. I mean I am 31 and this game is hard to understand.

After figuring out what the first few steps with the walk through it started to make sense and I got an understanding of how the game is suppose to work. It's not so hard when you figure it out. But going through the game, there were parts that I still had to go back to the walk through for, like building the temples and balancing the fly system.

It is very well animated and made. You can tell that they spent a lot of time on this and they didn't just slap it together in a hurry. Nancy seems dead on from what I remember in the books and the Hardy boys are even in this as well. They even seem dead on from what I remember. I enjoyed the story line to this game as well. I mean who doesn't love playing a game and learning about the Ancient Greeks?

I am having so much fun with this game since I got the hang of it. This is game number 31, where have I been this whole time that 30 other Nancy Drew games have come out and I didn't even know it?? I really want to check them out and see what I think of the other story lines. I believe game 30 has to do with reality shows. Reality shows are a hit right now so I think I may start with that one and work my way backwards through them. You can check them out here, which is the Her Interactive website.

If  you remember Nancy Drew growing up and want to remember your childhood, have a child who you would like to introduce into the world of Nancy Drew, or you just like to play games, then this game is for you. I really recommend and love it!
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