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Friday, October 3, 2014

BakeItFun-Baking Mat

We all have at least one dish that you just can't get clean. It is stained beyond repair. Not like it will come off on your food. but it is just an eye sore. You don't even like having it out when people are around because it makes you feel insecure. You know that they have a dish like it too but you just can't get past it. For me it is cookie sheets and pizza pans. I just can't seem to get those suckers unstained. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a product that you could put over these hideous pans? Not only to hide the stains but to also keep the stains from multiplying? I sure did, I was going out of my mind trying to find one that was worth the money and that actually did what it claimed it would do.

When I got the BakeItFun baking mat through Tomoson I was so excited that I was on my way to possibly finding a product that would not only help to protect my cookie sheets from further damage but it would also help me out with the cleaning of these pans. I don't know about anyone else but I sometimes burn things and it is so hard to get burnt food off of cookie sheets and other pans. Baking Mats claim to be something that food won't stick to and are easy to use and clean up.

When I first got it, I was really excited to take it out and use it as soon as possible. It comes rolled up in a box, which means it won't lay flat on the sheets for awhile. So for the first few times I used it, I had to make sure to put stuff as close to the edges as possible so it wouldn't roll up on my while the food was cooking. After each use I lay it flat underneath something heavy and now it has pretty much straightened itself out.

The first thing I made on it was chicken. I was worried about it staining the mat or leaving an odor on the mat. After I got done cooking them and went to take them off they came right off very easily, in fact most of the family just grabbed a piece with their fingers and it just lifted right off and didn't leave pieces of anything on the mat. After dinner I washed it up and it came out looking the same color with no stains or left over food stuck to it.

The second time I used it, I made pizza rolls. Again they came right off of the mat, nothing stuck to the mat or got on the baking sheet below. The pizza rolls tasted just like they would if they had been straight on the sheet. There was no smell besides the yummy smell of the pizza rolls. You couldn't tell that I had made chicken on them a few days earlier, which is something I love about it. I had qualms about that, thinking my pizza rolls might taste a little bit like the chicken.

The third time I used it I made sugar cookies. I knew that this would be a real test, since cookies like to stick to cookie sheets. One of the great things about these mats, is the fact that they have circles on them. So you know exactly where to place the cookies so they don't run into each other, and so you know how many to place and just how big to make them. There is also a place to measure on the sides which is really nice. My cookies came out really nice and they didn't run into each other at all and were perfectly shaped as well.

When using this mat,, make sure you never use anything sharp on it. When you are taking things off use something that isn't sharp. If you have to cut something take it off of the mat and then cut it. The mat will be ruined if you do something like that. Make sure to wash it off each time because everything can get germs. Like I said earlier, place it under something heavy to flatten it out if you want it flat. If you are ok with it being rolled up and would like to keep it in the box it comes in then just roll it back up and put it away and it will be good to go the next time you want to use it.

I really love this mat and I will continue to use it until I use it out and have to get a new one. It works really well and does everything that it claims to do and it will make it so much easier to clean up after you are done cooking. If you want to check it out or order one for yourself off of Amazon then check it out here. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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