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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Skintimate Mandarin Burst

Everyone enjoys having smooth legs and I am no different. I got to try Skintimate Mandarin Burst through Crowdtap and Skintimate for free just for my honest review. I was excited to get to try it because Skintimate is in my opinion the best shaving cream around.

 It comes in a nice bright container and it is easy to see what brand it is and what smell it comes in. I love how they like to use fruits to show how it could smell. I love the top and how easy it is to make it come out. It comes out in pink instead of just the weird foam. I "sprayed" it to my legs and when I rubbed it in, then it turned white and almost like a foam. I liked how it changed colors once I rubbed it in. That was pretty awesome.
When I started shaving, I noticed that my razor kept clogging and the cream did not fully come off my legs. after every stroke I had to clean my razor off because running the water over the razor didn't help. It seemed to cement the hair into my razor and I wasn't too happy about that. It did come off fairly easy though so that was a plus.

 This is how the gel looks when you apply it to your legs. Just a little bit goes a long way with Skintimate.

 When you rub it in, It goes to the "foam" like stuff that you see here. It rubs in well and quickly and turns white when you rub it in. It covers well also and smells really nice as you are shaving.

My legs after shaving with Skintimate. Very smooth and smelling good. After an hour I could still my legs and I really enjoyed it. I probably wouldn't shave right before going somewhere because it is not really a sexy sort of smell. More like going to the grocery store smell but still a good smell. It did help me from getting cut and my legs are so silky smooth. I will continue to use the bottle and if I like it I will see about getting more if the price is right!

I recommend Skintimate as I use it as well. If I could give some advice though, I would use disposable razors instead of a good expensive one so that it won't get ruined. Yes it does wipe off but there are still hairs and gel stuck in my razor after wiping and washing for about half an hour. I did get this for free but I always say what I feel and give my honest opinion about everything I try out and review.

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