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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Listerine Naturals mouthwash

As a member of Crowdtap I get to try out some awesome things for free just for my review. No matter what, I will always give an honest review.

There are so many mouthwashes in the market today and they all include things that we don't know what they are. With everything turning to the "green" natural side because of people afraid of what they are putting in their bodies, it was only a matter of time before mouth wash followed suit. Personally I could go either way. If a company makes a product and uses it themselves and gives it to their families then I feel it is ok for me. They would never put their own families in jeopardy just to sell a product, at the same time going green seems more responsible in this day and age. But with the word natural and green you can also see a bigger price tag. I feel that if more compaines could go green and keep the price down then more people would follow suit and buy the products.

This mouthwash looks and tastes the same as normal mouth washes. After I swished I expected to have the same taste in my mouth for awhile after spitting it out, you know the taste that assures you it is still working. When you breathe in and just know you are covered. I didn't get this taste for more then a few minutes after I swished. It would come and go though for a little while. It must have worked though because no one complained and said I had horrendous breath or anything.

Seems to me that most "green" products are this way. You never really know if they actually work or not. To me I would rather have a product that I know actually works then something that may or may not be better for my body. Bottom line this mouth wash has a good taste, nice appearance and it apparantely works unless everyone was just being nice and not telling me that my breath stank. If you are into being greeen, check this out. You may have to pay a little bit more but if you are already a green person then you are use to this by now.

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