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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bully Sticks--Best For My Pets

When it comes to my dog I will do just about anything to keep her happy and healthy. She loves treats especially ones that she can chew on for awhile. I was giving her treats that she guarded more then chewed and then she would dangerously swallow big pieces instead of chewing them. She got to where she was getting sick a lot and I was not happy about that at all. She is a part of the family and no one wants anyone in their family to be hurt or sick. My heart went out to her every day but it was the only "treat" that she would eat. I am sure she could have went off of the treats and been just fine but she may have went on to chewing other things.

I remember one time we were moving and one of my wood tables hit the side of the wall and a chunk came out of the table. This chunk also had a nail sticking out of it. Later we found her chewing on something and it was that chunk. I was so scared that she had swallowed some pieces of wood and that they would splinter coming out or that she would swallow it whole with the nail and everything. We gave her the first chew snack/treat that day and she hasn't went back to chewing on things that she isn't suppose to.

I got her when she was about 6 weeks old. She never got the chance to be around other dogs so she was and still is more like a human then a dog. Willow is scared of everything. If a walmart sack or other plastic page makes a sound she jumps and runs. I guess I should add that she is not a small dog. She is a beagle/basset hound/austrailan shepard mix. So she is beautiful but she is getting kind of fat because the kids feed her whenever she acts hungry. But she refuses to accept change, just like a human. I have had toys sit around for months and she will smell them every day and run and then one day she will take off with one of them and have so much fun. Treats like rawhides are the same way. I just threw some out that have been hanging around since we got her because she simply is too scared of them to even get around them, won't even smell them or be curious of them.

So I knew when I got these to try out that it may be an up hill battle to get her to even try them.  When the package came I let her sniff it out and she seemed interested and not scared like normal. I took one out and she took it right away and went off to her own little space to check it out and start chewing on it. Sometime in the net half an hour she was guarding it so well that she was on top of it and the kids thought that it was gone. So going back to their over feeding issues they decided to give her another one. Only to see her drag the first one out right after wards. For awhile she chewed on one and kept the other one either under her or under her paw. Then the kids wanted to see what she thought and she stuck them both in her mouth and looked at them like she knew they weren't going to try and take them. At this time I had company that was going to be stopping by so I tried to get at the least the one under her paw away from her and she stuck them both in her mouth again so I stopped trying and just let her be in the bedroom. The package says to keep an eye on them so I had my kids go in every few minutes and make sure she was ok and every time she was still chewing away.

I love the fact that she likes these and I also love the fact that these are so good for her! They are all natural, chemical free, low in fat and high in protein. Everything that I could ask for in a treat for her especially with the overweight problem. Which she doesn't help by sleeping all day like a cat, Another great benefit of these is they provide stress relief and are a comfort to her. The kids like to take all of her toys whether they are playing with her or just being themselves and she knows that this is one thing that they will not take from her. She seems to be calmer about getting treats now and it provides something for her attention to be on for a while which is nice as well.

These do not have an odor so they won't make your hands or your dog's breath smell funky and they are also really good for oral health. They are sourced from free range cattle so the fact that there is no smell off of them makes me smile! I would expect some sort of smell! Plus I have never seen a stain on my floor or carpet from these like I had previously had problems with, with other treats. I can not stress the fact enough that these are all natural and chemical/dye free which is why they don't leave pesky spots for me to clean up!

My dog just loves these and she is so picky. I tink your dog would love them too which is why I am recommending them to all of my readers who have pets as part of the family. If you want to check out the link, other reviews, and/or place an order on Amazon just go here and you will find out everything else you need to know about this awesome product. Until net time I will be sitting here in peace and quiet until the kids get home watching Willow chew on her Bully Stick...they really are Best For My Pet! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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