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Monday, August 11, 2014

Alone at Midnight

When you think of horror you usually think of blood and gore, but what about the horrors that can happen to you in our daily lives? Alone at Midnight dives right into a different kind of horror then I am use to be that shouldn't be the case. Some of the stories read more like nightmares then I am use to. Some show what can happen when your conscious takes hold of you and takes you into another realm of your own mind. You think you are lost but really it is just a cover up for something horrible that you have done and you have just gone crazy. It seems very plausible to me that something like this could very well happen and I have always wondered what goes through the minds of people that have made themselves crazy after doing something or witnessing a traumatic experience. They can try and hide it from every one except the one person that they can't hide from...themselves. These stories remind me of a mix of Tales from the Crypt and Goosebumps. Both of which I grew up and I loved how they were horror without being the normal horror.

I absolutely enjoy how well this book is written and have read it a few times just in the last few days. Partly looking for something to hate about it, and I just can't find anything that I don't like. I could see everyone of these stories being made into a movie but they are perfect for short stories. They don't get straight to the point and they aren't long and dragged out with more information then a reader really needs. While Stephen King and the like may be good writers, they write for length and don't worry about how much the reader wants or needs to know.

These stories leave you thinking, wondering what happens next in all the stories. They really make you think and understand why each was written. If they are personal experience or just brilliantly plucked from this mans' mind and put onto paper beautifully. Some seem personal while others seem more far fetched. But never lacking in a way of a twist ending or just a twist right from the beginning. In one of the stories you never see how the ending plays by just reading the first few pages. But it also one that someone has repressed a memory and reverted himself in his mind back to a different time. Sometimes I wish I could just repress memories and forget about them but how would life be if you walked around in denial all the time? You could never live in the present as you would always be stuck in the past, a past that no longer exists.

My favorite story has to be Beneath the Sand without giving any spoilers because I want everyone to check out this whole book, I have to say that it is pretty awesome. Enough details are withheld to keep you asking questions and even when it starts to get into the crazy parts you never really get if they are all in the mans' mind or if they are a side effect of the alcohol and pills or if it is really happening to him. I often wondered if he had been the one to do everything that had happened until that surprise ending and then I was even more confused. I wonder if it had been him or if the cop really did that to himself.

Oh shoot I said no spoilers...well I didn't reveal anything major and like I said you will never be able to guess what happens anyway! I really want everyone to go and check this out on Amazon it comes out August 20th but you can get the Kindle version right now for 99 cents! Which is crazy because I would pay more for something of this quality. Go check it out and you can even read part of the first short story before you buy so you can see what you think of it! If you do read this book leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of it and if you love it as much as I do!

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