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Sunday, June 22, 2014


As kids we all remember going out and playing in the sun and having an awesome time. I personally do not remember ever using sunblock. I got a few sunburns but not many. Our family just is not into the whole sunblock craze. Since I had kids though I have been using sunblock on them. I still didn't get into the whole hype myself. So once I found out that I was going to review sunblock through Bzzagent, I was happy that the kids would maybe find a new product that worked better then the stuff we were using. To me when you think sunblock I think all blocks are created equal and they will all do what they claim. What I found out in using the Coppertone is that that is not the case at all. I decided that we were going to try the coppertone, yes even me. A day after we all tried what we had been using and compare the two. What I noticed right away is Coppertone goes on so much smoother and easier then the other stuff. It didn't leave you greasy and there were no more weird white streaks. Another thing I love is the fact that it comes in the normal lotion and a spray bottle. It seems like everyone is going to this new craze and I never understood it until now. I thought that you wouldn't get the same coverage using a spray instead of the lotion but I have to say I fell in love with the spray. I feel it goes on so much quicker and it does provide amazing coverage. The bottles are both new and fresh looking. I expected the spray to clog but it held up nicely. So after my experiment I noticed a few things. After looking at the pictures on the first day I saw that there was still a little bit of redness even after using the sunblock and that we had to reapply more often with it. The coppertone somehow took the redness from the first day away. After looking the next day instead of seeing redness I actually saw a pretty good tan going on for all of us. I was amazed by how much faster Coppertone ca be applied and how much better it worked overall compared to the brand we were using on the kids. It even made me look at sunblock in a whole new light. So much so ghat I have started using it every time I am going to be outside for an extended period of time. The true test came when I had my husband and his buddies try it out on their 12 hour long kayaking adventure. The last time they came home they all looked like lobsters. Not one of them remembered to bring the sunblock and with the sun beating down all day it was a huge mistake on their parts. They are men so they were hesitant at first but when they saw they could almost disguise it as bug spray they let me have my way. They went on their trip and the sunblock went too and imagine their surprise when they came home not as lobsters but as nice tanned men. Working in a factory all week will leave you pretty white so they were excited. I was 3excited that it worke3d for them and thqat I didnt have to care for lobster man. In conclusion, if you want a sunblock that actually works you need to get some Coppertone and try it out. It will work and you won't be sorry. The only issue is it is a little pricey but it seems like everything that really works these days is. So suck it up and shell out that money and keep you and yours from turning into a lobster family. Not to mention protecting you from skin cancer. I use this product and yes I got it for free but I would have no problems stating if it was useless or didnt work. If you dont know what bzzagent is check it out. They are an awesome company that has people try out products so that companies can get the real honest feedback about their products that they need. Just go to and sign up today!

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