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Friday, February 7, 2014

Too Much Information by David Haskell

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The problem with people these days is that they are one of two things: either sheep and just comply with what they are told or the are theory consumerists and don't believe any thing the government tells them.

It is quit obvious that we are being watched and monitored in everything we don in life. The not so obvious thing is the fact that the ways they are monitoring us may be bad to our heals. Some imaging machines have started some people on the path for cancer.

Sheep don't see things like this. They believe that the government would never do anything to harm us. 9-11 is a big example of the government hurting us while still getting the support of sheep by blaming it on someone else. While all at the same time killing off people who know and what to tell the truth.

If they could kill us without batting an eye how much comfort can we really place in them to keep us safe? What reason have they given us to feel safe in the first place? The white man came in and took over the land of the Native American. They come in, and take whatever they want no matter who they hurt in the process.

We were formed as a nation that never had to ask for anything because we were taught to deceive, cheat, and steal from everyone all the time. How is it that we got so entitled? Is spying on our every move the only option they have left to control us? Did you create monsters and now want to wipe your hands clean of the whole mess?

From the start our moral were questionable at best. How can we be expected t have morals that our founding fathers lacked?

Should we all be nervous that everything we are doing is being watched and that we could be killed because of what we know or might know? life would turn into on big living hell! Of course, they say if you do nothing wrong there is nothing to worry about. With all the secrets these days the live between right and wrong is now a bit hazy. Once we started out on that line, we as a Nation could not figure out which side of the line to walk on.

Once you leave this country you are still not safe. Even the people who try to do good deeds end up giving their lives in the end. Nothing can escape the clutches of evil when you are doing nothing but good deeds.

Nothing is left to chance. Everything is mapped out for you in your life. Whether it be by parents, teachers, or the government. We are told to do only as we are told and once Big Brother decides we have doe too much our lives are forever changed.

No one wants to be the snitch or bell ringer. When they do want to be the won't live long enough to see any real changes come about.

Moral of the story is keep your eyes, ears, and mouth shut and you won't have to worry about  Big Brother knocking down your door.

With all of that being said, it is a good book but I found myself feeling like I was reading multiple books at the same time. it felt like there was more than one copy made and at the last minute they lumped it all into one big book. I kept finding myself having to go back to figure out who each person was. Many ideas and great read, it just needs to be written and organized better. But I very much enjoyed the Information I received from the book.

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