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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word's That Matter by Oprah Magazine

I enjoy a good inspirational quote..who doesn't? Sometimes though when quotes or books come from big shots they lose sight on who the book is really for and make it about themselves! I hadn't read the chicken soup books before, but I knew that this was along the same concept as that. Only this book just has quotes, no stories here.

Enjoying the quotes was the fun part and I started skipping who the authors were. So I had to go back later and look at them. Some I had heard of before and some I have never heard of. The one pattern I did notice is that sometimes miss Oprah has 2 or 3 quotes on a page and she usually has at least one on every page! Now come on Oprah, I know the magazine belongs to you but come on do you have to boost your own ego and put your quotes on every single page?? We know you are the mighty Oprah but next time write and publish something for the fans not for yourself.

Besides the crazy amount of Oprah, there are some amazing quotes in the book and if you got the "My box of Joy" or can get this book, I suggest doing it. It's not one that I would go and buy but it sends a good message to the world. If nothing else read up on some quotes from this book, like I said before there are some really cute ones. I love this because it was free!

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