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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunstar GUM

As I was going through my news feed the other day, I saw that the Sunstar Facebook was doing a mini giveaway. I never usually win stuff when there is only a few to give away so I went on with my day as usual. Not expecting anything to come from the giveaway. When I went back to Facebook later that night I saw that I had a message from them wanting my address. I sent them my address in a message and waited for what I though would be a crappy little sample. When I went to check the mail and I saw a package in the box I was not sure what was in it and those boxes are always the BEST!

I ripped it open and I saw a toothbrush sitting inside. Not just any tooth brush either it was a cool brush for kids and my kids are going to fight over it for sure! Upon looking it over it started blinking. The blinking only seemed to stay on for about a minute so I was curious as to why it blinked. While reading the package I noticed that it blinks for kids. So they know how long to keep brushing. This is one of the coolest tooth brushes I have ever seen and I am kind of jealous that it is for a kid and not an adult! Not only does it blink so that the kids know to keep brushing, it also has a suction cup at the bottom so they will never lose their brush! The only thing that would make this brush better is if it played music, but the blinking light does the job just the same and I think that any kid would love this brush!

One thing I did notice was that it came with a note in the package. After I was all done looking it over and checking out the cool new thing I got in the mail I picked up the letter and opened it up. Now I have gotten many free samples and free full sized samples before but I have never gotten a note like this before. They took the time to sit down and write out a note to me in pen. None of this type it up on a keyboard, print and mail stuff. This letter was handwritten and it made me open my eyes a little bit more. If they care enough about people to take the time to jot down a note for them then maybe this is a company that I want to buy more stuff from! Once a company shows that its about the consumers and not all about the money, they will see a whole lot more business then they did before.

I highly recommend this toothbrush, it will make an awesome stocking stuffer for one of my kids and then I can do a full review on it. If you have want a company that is full of love and compassion then Sunstar/GUM is the one for you. Their products work really well and they care about the people buying their products, not about the money that they are being handed. No companies are like that these days anymore so we need to hold tight to the ones that are.

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