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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Orajel for cold sores with moisturizer

When it comes to cold sores I have said many times, that I just don't get them. I am not sure as to why I don't get them since so many people I know do, but I am happy that I don't and that my husband doesn't either! I get random zits around my lips and under or above but never on or close enough to look like they are on my lips. Again, I am happy that we do not suffer from these bad boys! They are crazy looking and from what I have seen and heard from all the complaining is that they can hurt really bad! I hurt enough ok, I don't want to hurt on my face anymore then I have to. Especially on my lips. I love my lips, they are so huge and that's why my husband loves them. Not getting into that one but if you have a dirty mind you will figure it out!

So anyway since I have already done one review I decided to have my friend try it out and see what the fuss was all about and if it really worked. She didn't have to say I got into the car I noticed that her cold sore was now worse it seemed after she used the product. The Orajel hadn't helped one single bit. On the other hand though it was also not a good thing that she kept picking at it and then picked the scab clean off. That is when the complaining and the pain came in. I could see this thing on her lip and I could feel her pain. It was crazy. It would have looked like this either way and I needed my review done, but I almost feel bad about giving the product to her. She said she was happy to help as she put the moisturizer on, which did in fact work. The moisturizer really soothed her lip right there where she pulled the scab off and soon she was laughing and joking like she had forgotten all about it!

I also gave this to my brother to try out a long time and when I saw him the next day he was all the way cleared up and very happy about it too! Said that this was the best thing that he had every tried for cold sores and if I ever got anymore for free that I was not going to use and needed a review for that I could always use him. Apparantley he went to Wal Martto try and find some more of this stuff and it was almost 10 bucks for the package! The drug stores wanted even more for it. It wasn't long before his cheap ass realized that the only way he was getting it was to try through me. But he is a good reviewer always feeding me great info so gotta keep him happy as well!

Well there you have it, 2 different reviewers and 2 totally different reviews. One enjoyed the product but it simply did not work for her the way it was supposed to, and one who it seemed the product worked faster then what anyone thought it could! They both tell others that suffer with cold sores about this Orajel product. I have yet to hear back from any of their friends that tried it though. Always try out new things, you never know what will work for you!

Thank you to Smiley 360 for providing this product to me for free! They in no way swayed my opinions or thoughts on the product.

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