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Monday, November 11, 2013

My First Experience With Etsy

Being in the freebie community I have been hearing about Etsy for a really long time. I never checked it out because I assumed it was just like all the other sites with cheap products but a huge shipping price. Then someone sent me a gift card on Wrapp. If you have never heard of Wrapp you have to check it out. It's this awesome service that let's you send and receive gift cards. Some of the gift cards are kind of pointless but then other times they are worth using! Anyway I got a $5 gift card to Etsy and I was bored so I figured I would try it out and at least go on and check to see what it was all about.

From what I can gather, Etsy is a site where people can go and sell their goods for cheap. It reminds me of an online flea market. The site is very easy to manuever and very appealing visually. I was able to quickly find what I was looking for and search through them with ease. I ended up on Charmed Life By Kim portion of Etsy. I love minions so that is what I was looking for and she has a wide range of characters to choose from. I ended up picking a minion charm, its not breakable and even comes with a cord on top to attach it to a bracelet or necklace. The checkout process was quick and painless and I didn't even need a credit card number to get it! Just type in that Etsy gift card number and it does all the rest for you. In a matter of minutes you are all checked out and waiting for your new gift to arrive!

I realize that this is just some random chick selling from her home that's why when it took a minute to find out if it had shipped or get any information what so ever on it, I took a deep breath and just waited for it to come. When I did get delivery confirmation it was only about 3 days and it arrived at my door. It was all wrapped up in an envelope, tightly sealed so it would not fall out and clearly marked with her business name so I knew exactly what was in the envelope.

When I took it out of the envelope, it was a little smaller then it appeared in the picture. I was happy about that because I was afraid that it would be too big to use on a jewelery project. Turns out it is the perfect size! I can not wait to get it on something and show it off, I just have to figure out what I am going to use it for. My husband wants to steal it for his key chain, we will have to see about that.

All and all I really enjoyed Etsy. They have some really low prices with shipping that even I can afford! From what I have seen and heard from others all of the items are of good quality. I have yet to hear of someone who has gotten burned by Etsy. Go and check them out for yourselves, it is super easy to join, search, and buy something amazing!

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  1. I cant Thank you enough for telling me about this deal !!! I am super exited to get my minion!!!