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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kiss Graduation Polishes

When it comes to nail polish I am always trying to go as dark as possible. I love looking down and seeing the beautiful colors. You can really tell a lot about people by looking at the state of their hands and nails. If someone is a hard worker then they may have some dirt on their nails or a prissy chick may have perfectly manicured. Its not right to judge someone this way but it is an easy way too.

Even though I love nail polish, I am in no way good at it. My hands always have some sort of polish on  them and my right hand always looks like a 2 year old tried to paint it. Having arthritis doesn't help the situation either. But when I get in the mood to paint my nails no one can stop me! I am so use to one or two coats that I could probably fix them up in my sleep.

When I opened my rose voxbox and saw the polishes for the first time, I thought cool I got 3 new nail polish bottles! I picked it right up out of the box and started reading the package. The bottles were numbered and very easy to figure out. But the pattern that they have you do is something that a professional should be doing not someone just starting out or someone who just paints their nails and is done with it. Also you have to paint them and paint them over and over again just to get this desired effect. I am not saying that the effect is not awesome, I'm just saying that when I did it mine didn't quite turn out like the ones on the box. They were close to them but not them lmao I wish I had taken a picture of them but they didn't last very long at all! That's the problem with layering nail polish though, It comes off in one big layer and then the top half of the nail is there and nail polish on the lower half.  Such a mess.

But maybe they weren't made for long term use but for only special purposes? I could handle the idea of doing something a little extra with my nails for certain holidays and such. The process is pretty hard on my hands! Maybe other women that don't do things like this for themselves can slap it on for a day and then a few days later have their nails back to normal! I'm not saying this would be the one for them but the idea would be the same.

I adore the color scheme and they were easy to use and not to watery. The smell was actually not as bad as other nail polishes. I thought that they were going to smell horrible but I was able to do it in my bedroom and no one in the house could tell I was painting them. It took me about half an hour to get my nails all done and dried...took forever to dry them!!! They still didn't feel dried as we headed out the door but we were already late and I couldn't wait any longer.

In conclusion, I love the colors of the polishes and I like the idea of the polishes but they just take way too long to apply and are way to hard on my hands. (arthritis) It's a layered look so they don't stay on your nails long but while its on there, you will enjoy looking at your nails! Although this kind isn't for me I love Kiss all the same and will continue to buy their products! You should try out this nail polish I think some of you will really love it!

I got this free from Influenster. The opinions stated above are just that, they are my opinions and I was in no way swayed by Influenster or Kiss on what to say in my review.

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