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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Farmer's Market Lemongrass Basil Soap

When it comes to soap I am very picky on what I use and what I want my hands to smell like after I am done washing.I got a free sample of Farmer's Market Lemongrass Basil Soap in the mail from Swaggable. I was surprised it was a full sized bar and I could smell it as I took it out of the package. It was an interesting smell and I am not sure I can pinpoint what exactly it is. Even now as I sit here with it on the laptop I can smell it through the box.

I was excited to try it since I could smell it so well. I went into the bathroom and tried it out for a few days. The results were always the same day after day. The smell I can smell so well right now was now gone. I can not smell it on my hands or around me when I move in any way. That was disappointing. It did work very well though and since it does not smell my husband will also use it with me. My hands did seem to dry out pretty quickly with this soap though so make sure that you have some lotion handy after you wash your hands.

If you want an all natural bar soap then this could be the one for you. It only smells while it is sitting somewhere, never on your hands or your body. It gets things off very easily, ink, glue etc. It is good for the environment and the box is recycleable!

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