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Friday, November 15, 2013

Dr. Scholl's For Her Crazy Cushions

When it comes to feet how likely are you to pay more just for comfort? Is it bad that the only time I use products from Dr. Scholl's, It's because I got a free sample. So the old one is all crappy and beyond ready to go! Am I the only one who let's it go to long? We just simply can't afford the outrageous prices but wow do we appreciate the amazingness that is Dr. Scholl's when we get to try them! So When I found them in my Rose vox Box from Influenster (Totally free and I get to keep I just have to give them my honest opinion!) I was very excited and I have to admit that someone else got to try them out before me.

 My husband Jay, just fell in love with them and he wanted to try them out in his work boots. He has humongous feet I knew that they would not fill his boots but he used them anyway. When he got home the next morning he said he loved them and wished that they were just a little bit bigger because either his heal or his toes were always hanging off of it! Other then that he said it made his feet feel really good and that they didn't hurt as much as usual.

 What my husband said really got me interested because he works in a factory on his feet all day and his feet ALWAYS hurt when he gets home! If these things for women can work that well for a guy, why aren't they selling to them and give me them so I can try them out! As I put them in, I had a little bit of trouble but got it in within a minute or so. Make sure you grab inside and pull up then downwards and it will slip right in!

 Then when I put my feet in them I was speechless. They were better then what Jay had described! My shoes were tighter but that only took a second to adjust and now I felt taller! The Cushions are simply amazing, I love them. My feet don't hurt anymore after the paper route! I can walk more without feeling like I need to ice my feet.

 I recommend this to women of all ages and if it is affordable I will buy it again. it really comforts the feet like you are wearing slippers but they have some umph to them. Try this out for yourself though I think you will be amazed about how well your feet can really feel!

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